Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Three Weeks - Yellowstone, and Etc.

These are latest works - I still have some corrections to make on both - but they will have to wait two or three weeks.

Road trip is on - flying and driving. Reservations made, packing in progress. Some worry over funds, but believing that memories that Grandson will have for life will be more important than things I probably won't remember, like cash in my pocket from time to time. We will be covering lots of miles, Wyoming, Colorado, and Idaho.

Will take lots of pictures - it will be nice to return to the mountains - Milla's blog keeps me alive with her mountain pictures, when my heart longs for mountains and meadows!

We will stay in a Lodge right next to Old Faithful! Much of my life I lived in Wyoming but never saw Old Faithful! I got such a good price on the Lodge, I am wondering if they are putting us in a small attic room somewhere in the recesses of the Lodge, however it has a long history and will be fun, even if we have a stall in the stable!

I wish I could pile my whole family in a bus and take off for this adventure - but I believe God knows who should go when, so it will all work out.

Hopefully I will be in good enough physical condition to get some stuff done for my mother while while at her place, perhaps my company will be enough. Yesterday I was in crazy pain throughout my body, today its confined to my right foot and ankle - I think I may have fibromyalgia - would explain acute episodes and recoveries.

Grandson wants to hike. And perhaps will have his first horse ride. Next on his list is the purchase of some giant gum balls, the candy store is in Fort Collins, Colorado and right close to a huge wholesale art supply house - Jerry's Artarama!

They tell us the Deepwater well is plugged, though they have to make it more permanent, however news comes out about seepage from the sea floor around the well. They are also telling us the oil in the water is "breaking up" - I don't know what that means because it doesn't evaporate. They haven't told us about the effects of the untested chemicals they have put in the water, so much yet remains to be seen.

This will probably be my last post for about three weeks - wishing everyone a wonderful rest of the summer! It seemed like it would never get here - now its almost gone! Grandson starts school a week after we return!


punxxi said...

Have a most wonderous adventure!!!
So far I have seen and am "bonding"with 5 babies, but this is the last year( last year was supposed to be the last year)
I have a couple of mammas from last year that I can still pet, that still try to come into the house.

S.M. Elliott said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip and yes, the memories will be around a lot longer than the technical details! Have a safe journey and enjoy it the utmost!

The pictures are gorgeous. I love the colours in the bottles.

tweetey30 said...

have a wonderful time and if you have time to wifi someplace just pop in and say hi.. but enjoy your time with your grandson.

Biddie said...

I love your art work. I wish that I had half of your talent :)
Have a wonderful, safe trip.