Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Sliding into the New Year now! Didn't get many Christmas photos - we had sort of a weird Christmas. My youngest daughter and husband had the flu and over the long period they have been sick, they've had four emergency room visits combined, and Christmas was subdued - we went over and exchanged presents, and kept grandson with us to keep him from getting flu.

Then we loaded up Guido and went to oldest daughter's house in Mobile, where we had a warm fun time with the three grandkids and three dogs.

I've done much pondering about the last year - it was a year of incredible personal changes for me, and it's been like I can barely stay on the roller coaster, so to speak, as it has moved as quickly as a roller coaster. I almost feel wary about the coming year - how could much more transpire in the way of changes? Not only personally, but our world, everything is changing at a rapid pace.

Preparing now for a show at the gallery for the new artists. I have one done, The Owl and the Pussycat, and needless to say, I don't think I will ever tackle a painting of a peacock again. In fact, I've switched my plans and will take down photos of island life. The theme of the show is "Art and Soul." I also have to find one to donate for a silent auction which is all the thing in P'cola, art for charity.

I did have a blast, with youngest grandson's help with a "Paint the World with Hope and Healing" party Thursday before Christmas. It turned out amazingly well and it was like a Christmas present to me to see the kid's work - all were "creation" works.

Signing off now, as Blogspot is doing weird things............HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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tweetey30 said...

Gardenia if you do decide to sell the art on Etsy let me know.. I will favorite your shop.. Thanks for looking into my shop. I appreciate it.. I have more stuff to add but need to make some sales before I do.. I know I have been told to keep listing but I need to make money before anyway glad to see you had fun with the family.. I need to get tobed though. I will be back later to take better look.. I will post our holiday later too..