Friday, December 03, 2010

Still Here!

What can I say? So much activity in the last year, so much happening, so many changes!
For the most part all is well, finishing up September flood mess, trying to get everything done I was supposed to do days and days ago.

Tonight watching Avatar with grandson. Wish I was built like one of those creatures - oh my! I would like to have the tail too - looks like it would be great balance. I would like to live in that beautiful psychedelic world too!

Yep, still daydeaming. One day dream has come true - my art is now in the Blue Morning Gallery.


tweetey30 said...

hey Gardenia I am not in the X-mas mood this year.. No tree because I had to get rid of it last year and we cant really afford one this year..Things are tight and I am just not into it.. I cringe when I hear X-mas music in the stores.. Just plain assed awww humbugged this year..

But congrats on your art being in the gallery..

punxxi said...

congrats on the gallery! That is an awesome video!

Gardenia said...

Sweet Tweet, our family has way way downsized Christmas this year - !!! Focus on the love for your family and they for you, do a little - and you'll remember it warmly.

Punxxi - I love the video - I have been painting to cello music