Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dat ol' Sickness Bug be after mah Bodee & Computer too

I'm done in. Can't go no mo' - couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. I was feeling rotten since N.O. Wanting to sleep and sleep and sleep, was dragging the hind end around, and that reluctantly.

The doc's office called yesterday and left a cryptic message to call right away about my blood test. I called them back this morning to find out what was up. They told me they got my test back (I have to test every 10 days to 2 weeks) and to double the blood thinners.

It didn't make sense - they just told me to decrease them the day I returned from New Orleans. I thought maybe walking miles and sweating a lot in the 104-108 centigrade heat index caused me to lose chemicals or something. Yeh, I'm nuts.

Today they said I must not be taking my medicine, because my blood was dangerously thick now. It seems that when they called me last week and told me to decrease the blood thinner, the gal made a mistake and should have been telling me to increase it.

I am rechecking my T-shirts to make sure the lettering on them does not say, "I am a walking guinea pig for medical mistakes."

The pain in my chest that I was afraid was a blood clot hitting my heart, the doctor thinks is asthma. So, despite blood pressure of 150/90, (a rarity since the gas incident in the apartment from hell) he gave me an inhaler. I can breathe better, I admit, and I am not falling asleep at 5:00 in the evening tonight.

Dang near dying has me perhaps overly concerned with every little pain. I have for quite a few years been very fond of living. Can't say that for my whole life, but now, yeh, I love living. I have had friends dying off for several years. "How can that be?" I think. I want to stay alive, partially because I think my contribution to those around me can't be done without - how conceited is that! 4 Dinners - heed this paragraph! We've used up a couple of our lives (being cat persons).

To add insult to injury, I just saw the dentist yesterday - a new one - I LOVED him and his office - really cool techie equipment. I have a tooth with a split root which has infection and he wants to pull it and set the appointment in conjunction with a deep, deep cleaning project. Yah! I was all excited. Doc today said to wait until after November as having really thin blood and making holes in the body by pulling teeth and planning roots under the gums was just asking for trouble. Darn, I was looking forward to it.

Enough..........the computer/network guy is coming tomorrow afternoon - he tried to help me over the phone, but it looked like a necessary configuration is gone - nada - he said, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT use the Windows System Restore to fix problems. He's seen a lot of messes from it. So, hopefully I will not have to borrow a computer.

For now..............


Biddie said...

Oh man. What a pile of crap! I wish that I could do something for you. I have grown quite fond of you,and 4D,and I, for one, would like it if you would both stick around awhile longer.
Keep us posted on how things work out, ok? I'm here if you want to talk.
B xx

Red said...

"The gal made a mistake and should have been telling me to increase it." That's just the kind of thing that fills you with confidence in the medical profession, isn't it? And you guys in the States pay so much for medical care, I'm sure you expect something better than that.

It's really frightening, especially since it could have had potentially tragic consequences. Really glad they caught their mistake in time for you to act on it and reverse it!

So, it's a bummer about the new dentist, but hopefully within a few months your situation will be stable enough that you can go and get a nice deep-gum clean! November ain't that far away! Keep your chin up, girl.

tweetey30 said...

Gardenia I wish I were closer to help also but I am not but here are some good words Hugs from us girls. N, Kora and Brianna. Get better soon I cant believe they made this mistake. They should really look before calling.

mister anchovy said...

many years ago, my father had a blood test and the results got mixed up with another person's results. When he showed up at his doctor's office for a scheduled appointment, his doctor said, "What are you doing here, I thought you must be dead". It turns out the other individual was in very grave condition indeed.