Friday, August 24, 2007

....on the Catwalk, too sexy for their clothes.....

This is an odds & ends type of post. Wireless woes continue. This dapper doggie is part of a line of pet clothing I invented for a pet shop website a few years back. The website's name was "Catwalk." Of course there was an adorable outfit for kittie as well. I'm, of course, at a standstill on the current project I'm working on because of not being able to access the net.

The dragonflies are back! They are big and fat and colorful. Perhaps they are the babies I spotted at the beginning of summer, all grown up. From what I've seen of them dive bombing into windows and asphalt, they could be mating now. That'll make ya crazy, ya know. That would explain their kamakazee attitudes, would it not?

Some of the types I think I've spotted: Rambur's Forktail (I think these are the one's I've labled "Army helicopters"), Atlantic Bluett (a little far north), Eastern Pondhawk, and Comet Green Darner.

Has anyone seen any fireflys this summer? I think they've been disappearing along with the bees.

Not much going on. My wireless is down again, so I'm again borrowing computer. I don't know what to do. It is crucial I have internet access.

I'm now pulling out of the mixup on the blood thinner meds and lab result snafu of a couple of weeks ago and just today the energy level has been great.

It is still soooo hot. The flowers I labored over to get planted are not faring well. "H" did not want mulch anywhere, and just TRY to grow flowers without mulch to keep the ground moist - it won't work. My intents were to get a couple of bails of pinestraw down here and put it out anyway, but with the heat index at 108 degrees centigrade, I've not been able to do it. I started to rake the pinestraw from the remaining pine trees (remember the "disappearing pine trees") but the gleanings are small after the lawn mower has run over them. Maybe next year. I still have dead trees, bushes and plants to get trimmed out and out of here. Ex-son-in-law was helping, but when he found out he was not going to control my household, he got mad and made himself scarce so repairs and yard work he promised have halted. (Was that bribery to begin with?) Gran'ma has got to get strong here. (He grew up himself like Romulus and Remus and has no conception of regular meals, bedtimes, and the fact that he is a guest here during visitation hours just does not sink in, nor the concept of visitation hours.)

Weekend is here. Boy is glad. His mom visited the teacher today. So far so good. He is higher in reading by a year than we were told originally. He seems hyper in the evenings, but he's a boy child and children need to be out in the evening running and playing. I wish we had a pool as it's too hot to run and play. (This Grandma would like to lay on an air mattress in the pool.) (I can imitate Janis Joplin - and I often sing, "Oh, Lord, won't ya buy me a house on the bay, my friends all have pools, they lay out all day, Oh, Lord, won't ya buy me a house on the bay.") Sigh.

The older boy is on his way to play a football game tonight. While still suffocatingly hot, it is cooler in the evenings.

Time to go scan my emails on my daughter's computer, post this up, and see if I can get my flash drive to take my files over there.


Anonymous said...

dammy that sux abot tha puter my da just got tha desktop redone n now it screams it has 2 hd i m in cali nhas the worssssssssssse headache

Red said...

So glad that the blood thinner snafu is being rectified and that your energy levels are on the UP!

I'd love to see some pictures of your big, fat dragonflies! When I was growing up, in Italy, we used to have glow worms... hundreds of them. I haven't seen one in years now. Sad, isn't it?

Candy Minx said...

These are really cool....

ditto with RED glad you areleveling out that was super scary...

I'm in the sameboat asyou no computerforafewdays etc...I am in an internet cafe right now...not exactly comfortable sorry I haven'tbeen around much...Stagg is mailing you stuff fromChicago a zine okay? I am overwhelmed etc...

A big hug hello!


Biddie said...

Yay for grandma getting tough with the x son in law. You need to reclaim your space.
I'm glad that you are beginning to feel better, more energized.Maybe it'll last.....

I hope that the internet problems are rectified soon, as well. We got our bill paid, and we are in clear for a couple more weeks, anyway. Thank goodness. You guys are my world!

tshsmom said...

We've had lots of dragonflies all summer, but no fireflies. I wonder what's up with that?

Internet providers are driving us both crazy! We pay way too much for substandard service! :(

Camie Vog said...

Hi, G!

As much as I love BeanieBaby, I miss being able to catch up with my blogmates. Like Biddie, I feel you all are my "adult" connection to the outside.

LittleMan starts kindergarten in a week. He is very excited.

The house is great, though still note completely painted. Hubby has been working a lot and isn't home as much on the weekends to get things done. At least he was able to mow the I don't have to worry about losing the kids in the tall grass.

Glad to read that your health issues are getting a bit better.

take care

tweetey30 said...

You know I love my children but having you guys is the only thing keeping me sane on some days. LOL. I hope the computer situation gets better for you. I hate not having our computer when it has crashed on us. It sucks.