Monday, August 06, 2007

Travelogue #1

All of a sudden my network is working as well as the router. What is it with the computer? Haunted?

Anyway - here's pics:

One for Candy & Stagg - graffiti art!

Puppy - the megalodon is for you!

The little white building is the studio I visited.

These are some of the pins we made...they look better in "real time."

The landscape in this area is incredibly lush with lots of palm trees. No wonder my friend is a landscape painter. I don't think the heat would allow me to do much on site painting however!

Going to bed - heading out to New Orleans tomorrow. Will post up pics of Springs and N.O. when I return.


Karen said...

Oooh shark jaws! I feel as though Quint's going to appear at any minute and start singing "Show me the way to go home...". That would be my cue to leave ASAP! Looks like you had a good time.

tweetey30 said...

I agree with Karen looks like you had a wonderful time. Take your time with those new photo's and enjoy your time with what you are doing.

Biddie said...

I love the one of Grandson and the shark jaws. Made me smile :)
Hope you're having a blast.

Anonymous said...

hay dianna hava great tiem in nola i was there in 2003 :o) butit is prolly way dif now b a toursit n g2 tha cafe du monde n eat benigats(sp) n drink cafe au late( latte?)

Candy Minx said...

The graffiti is beautiful! Thanks Gardenia. Looks like a lovely weekend. I like those pins a lot what a hoot. Your grandson is adorable as usual...I'm glad he insisted on joining you.

Red said...

Happy holidays, Gardenia! Keep posting pictures, they make a wonderful, colourful break from the grey skies we've been having here!

Hattigrace said...

I thought they were lightswitch covers!!! The pins look really cool. I just love the new look of your blog. Have a great time in NO.

Gardenia said...

Puppy - we sure did do the beignets at the Cafe DuMonde - yum! Yum and yum! And also we found a praline place and ate too many pralines.

Candy - I tried to email you and lost a long email...

Well, its been fun - now back to the same. That's the story of vacations isn't it?

Red, it is so sun shiny here - we were soaking wet for the last two weeks - I need to weigh - hopefully I will have a weight loss! Heat indexes are well over 100 degrees.

Hatti - I'll bring you a pin.

Karen, tweety, and biddie - we went to the N.O. aquarium - we saw real sharks and grandson petted a baby! We also saw a 3-D Shark documentary - wow, have they improved the 3-D capabilities - it looked like we were swimming with the sharks!