Friday, August 31, 2007

Psycho & the Cat Community

This is Psycho's baby picture. He looks innocent and all that doesn't he?

He was taken from his mamma way too early, but the owner said the kittens were destined for drowning (seems to be an old-time remedy for neglect of spaying or neutering). So I took the little lump at age 4 weeks as a present for grandson. So the two little ones slept with me, one, Psycho, nursing the, God forbid, loose skin on my underarm relentlessly as he was obviously not getting milk. The other little one was curled up close to me with his little arm over Psycho. (Today they are still the best buddies.) We bottle fed Psycho (he had a different name before it evolved more to fit his personality, but I don't remember what it was), but he still had this sucking thing that he still gets carried away with. He sits, leaning up against the wall, all curled over, nursing his own belly. Now that is demented. I even hate to confess it.

So, Psycho has grown up. I would judge him to be in late adolescence. He goes out at night and kills rats, even though he is declawed. If we don't let him out, he picks fights with the other cats until we can't take it anymore and let him out.

Ms. Meowie did another dump on my study floor, and though she is not an outdoor cat, in my frustration, I shoved her out the door, and Psycho ran out after her. She took off walking down the street. At that point, I confess, I had cracked, I did not care if she ever came back.

Later, I felt guilty and opened the front door and guess who was leading Ms. Meowie down the street toward home? Yep, Psycho.

Its interesting to watch how they take care of one another in this 3 cat community. Except at eating time that is. Then it is every man, uh cat, for his own self. Once in a while I supplement with - - - canned TUNA! The caterwauling and yowling from when the can is first popped to when it makes it to their plates rivals the best werewolf movie howls.

Ah, cats.


Hattigrace said...

You MUST be feeling better! This was a funny one. Pour Pscho Kitty. He needs healing of his heart. Take him to Mama Hugs!!

I would love your imput on my painting. I bought some more books today.

Have two paintings sketched out and have soaked the paper and have it mounted on a board.

Got a cheap stand up easel that I think will drive me crazy bc it jiggles bc it is so flimsy.

Painting is not a cheap hobby, so I had to cut corners somewhere.

I will keep posting my "work" as I do it.

Email me your critiques!!

I did a grand tour on your Art blog. I LOVE YOUR WORK.

Gardenia said...

hattigrace, painting is not cheap, but better when you get the basics over with. Get on line at Jerry's Artarama. They have some magnificent easels and often put them on sale. I also buy from Dick Blick. Mounted canvases are much cheaper there as well and brushes.

One of my friend's husbands is so handy with wood - she buys her canvases really cheaply in roles, and he makes the frames and they put the canvas on themselves. Not THAT handy here at my house.

Yes, I'm feeling better - heart is not whomping crazily, etc.....feeling a LOT better this a.m. I HAVE to find another primary doc.......

Will look forward to more of your paintings - my friend in mid Florida tells me I should paint at least 15 mins a day - I'm trying to work on that - sounds as if you have been bitten by the love of it - - - !!!! Wonderful! Also, keep in mind, many very good painters are self-taught.

Wandering Coyote said...

That's a cute picture. He could totally be a Kitler!

I wish my cat got along so well with my roommate's cat! Alas, they avoid each other like the plague and scrap every so often. I hope within time we can have some kind of truce.

mister anchovy said...

cats form complex relationships, and interact in all sorts of (sometimes) delightful ways within their little community. We have 6 and sometimes we have to be psychologists to figure them out.