Friday, February 13, 2009

Be My (Low-Cal) Valentine

Early Valentine's Day Flowers

My Valentine Day Dinner - a low low cal version of stuffed peppers - I made "H" jambalya.

When I am very serious about dumping pounds, this is what I use - pretty tasty and they work!!!

I also make 4 to 6 shakes a day and wore a blender and a Magic Bullet out - so "H" bought me a super duper commercial blender for Valentine's Day - it makes the most wonderful creamy shake!

Who says I can't have candy on Valentine's Day? I made these little fellows out of diet shake mix by using less water. I ate all eight of them - and even felt guilty so I know they were good! Didn't share, either! One hundred forty calories for the total mess!

Valentine fare around town included a dinner at a "Cajun Asian Restaurant" - that sounds pretty interesting - ! Also several "Anti-Valentine's Day" parties - well, there were times I would have celebrated that too! We won't go out - and the past few years - that's ok, don't need to. We had a great time cooking together and....

We watched "Nights in Rodanthe" and cried. And I wondered maybe if love never fully realized is not the best love? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe there are several kinds of the "best love." (Just seems that way sometimes.) But back here on Planet Earth - it was really a nice Valentine's (Early) Day! And I had to smile when "H" said, "I hope you don't think I'm weird, but that Gere is a good looking man." I said the right thing - "Well, if you break his features down, his eyes are too close together - his nose rather strange.....mmmmm, maybe."


tweetey30 said...

I am hoping my hubby brings somethign small home when he comes home today from work. We will have to wait and see.. The cat is trying to type too. Not working. Talk to you later. I am off to lala land..

tshsmom said...

That blender is the PERFECT V-Day gift!! It lasts way longer than flowers.
I've never had a romantic V-Day. I gave up trying 3 yrs ago, when I made chocolate cake with cheesecake pudding frosting for dinner. Will I do that again this year? Maybe. :(

I think the appeal of Richard Gere is how well he's aged! Sorta like Paul Newman. ;)

The Preacherman said...

Happy Valentines Day babe xxx

I got Caz some flowers - she loves flowers so i do it now and then.

Nookie night tonight!!! ;-)

punxxi said...

Happy Valentines Day to you ! I got lots of flowers( some were for anniversary on the 11th) a little chocolate reese peanut butter heart. Since I know I wonlt get candy i got son#2 a sugarfree whitmans sampler and for mr punxxi i got a giant heart with milk and dark chocolate truffles....hey a girl; has to knw how to score cholate, right? I have a fudge receipe I'll send you later also low cal and carb :o)

Wandering Coyote said...

Nice blender! Man, I'm jealous!

Milla said...

I cried too when I watched 'Nights in Rodanthe'! And I loved the house where it was filmed, I LOVED it!

Gardenia said...

Yes, the house - I wanted to move there immediately!

The blender is great except it smells like smoking oil after few seconds of blending - worries me!

Wandering Coyote said...

Uh, that would worry me too. I hope there is a warranty? Sounds like the motor is overworked...Ack. What a tick-off.

Candy Minx said...

Wow, that is one fine photo of Richard Gere. He is gorgeous! Well done remaining calm and detached in front of your hubby!

I also loved the house in the movie...and I love that area. In 2002 my sister and her hub and new baby and I spent a week right at the Outer Banks (I would love to sail from Canada to Outer Banks some day...over a period of two months!)

Here is the house: