Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Sasquatch in My Bathroom

There are just some days where you get out of bed - and things - well, "things" just run a bit askew...ever had one of those?

Yesterday I mopped our bathroom with a new mop that the advertisers PROMISED would pick up all the dirt. This morning I prepared for my shower and my feet felt like they were sticking to - "stuff." Drives me crazy. Ok, I'm weird. So, naked, I get on my hands and knees and start scrubbing - OH MY GOSH - where did all this hair come from - pushed up on baseboards, behind the toilet, all over the floors - ????

I peered over the countertop into the mirror - yep, my hair was still on. Last I looked the cats were not bald, and "H" still has most of his hair. This hair was black, not salt n pepper nor identifiable with any kitty kat in residence. Hmmmm. Judging from the copious amount and the state of all furred creatures in the house, I could only come to the conclusion that "Big Foot" aka Sasquatch has taken residence in the Panhandle and waits for me to leave the house so he can shower and groom where the floors are not often cleaned and he figures no one will ever notice.

Another product goes to the garage to be placed in the "Someday Garage Sale." Will I ever learn? I have a box of travel mixers that promptly broke and did not have a return address, a Rhumba vacuum "H" bought and no one knows how to program, various pieces of exercises equipment bought at garage sales that need repair and will never be repaired, and the list goes on and the garage gets more full.

I need to clean. Sort. Throw. In the meantime, I blog.


Milla said...

Procrastination: a most beautiful word.

punxxi said...

sounds like my swifer addiction, thank god i have gone thru all their products. the doster was the only thing that works decently. my next project is buying a printer for my laptop...not that I don't already have 3, yanno!

punxxi said...

duster,duster, duster,damnit!

Wandering Coyote said...

Oh, it's so amazing where hair comes from. In a house with three cats and two women with long hair...It's a nightmare. Our floors are never clean, I can pretty much guarantee you!

SME said...

It's a little-known fact that Bigfoots sneak into people's bathrooms because they secretly love toilet paper.

Cherie said...

Ha! SME cracked me up.

Bathroom Bigfoot - I'll be watching!