Thursday, May 20, 2010

Much Going On . . .

Reward after a day of rain. (also known as why I love Florida!)

Don't ever put hot chocolate pudding in plastic cups.
Above, getting ready for art show. Below: Happy 16th!

Birthday party for grandaughter:

Gathering with friends - no I didn't do the paintings here:

Paintings will hang at back of bar in courtyard:

Working on this one but he won't make it in time for show:

Ok - second attempt to post! I've been extremely busy - fell into an art show which will happen tomorrow night down at our semi annual Gallery Night. I had been painting so it worked out good, but now my back is soooo bad from sitting, but I know it passes with a couple days in bed watching movies.
So far in the last two months, I've been to the West Indies, had two family birthday parties, a wonderful Mother's Day, my sister's visit (soooo wonderful), a sudden art show to prepare for - and..........what else ---- my back hurting so bad, I thought, maybe if I work on strengthening it -
I have joined "Curves" - weight machine circuit for women (adjustable for old women, haha) and my energy came back - and I do feel better after only one session. Can't wait until tomorrow - or maybe I'll go in later today as I have to go to hardware store for "S" hooks to hang paintings. Figure if I quit drinking "expensive" coffee which I should drink just water anyway except for a treat, I can pay for it.
So, what else: I have a new puppy - Romeo Guido Bassetto - so far he is working out good - actually I am babysitting, but falling in love. He's an older dog.
What else: Gatherings with friends!
What else: I had to quit drinking alcohol - was having way too much fun but also gaining weight and not feeling really well, haha. But it was all good while it lasted. "H" thinks I'm real fun when I'm tipsy.
So much more but I have to check on you guys and then get back to painting before paints dry out, than quit for afternoon so I will be able to walk -
Pura Vida!


Candy Minx said...

Wow! What a newsy post and congratulations on participating in the gallery show. I am so happy for you! What a fantastic result of your hard work, joy and preparation!

Hey, taking a break from the booze is always a good up for the odd glass of champayne for special treats maybe right?

Lots of love...and what a beautiful birthday party you had , love the cake. Also howled with laughter at the chocolate pudding...i know a terrible mess but also kind of funny...

tweetey30 said...

wow lots goign on.. wish i could send some of my crafts to take with and my business cards.. i could use some

punxxi said...

This is a great post, except for the back, I know about that stuff first hand. I so love that dogs name, and the birthday cake and as always your kind and encouraging words. II hope you have a fabulos art showing. ! question, in your tropical picture in the last post, are you vocanos hibiscus' is it a metaphore type deal? Just wondered, I love that picture and really wan to see the finished product

Stagg said...

Cool pictures!!


Biddie said...

You sound busy and happy! The photos were great. That cake was gorgeous! Happy belated 16 to your grand daughter :)