Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last Weekend, ADD (Art, Dog, & Daughter)

Not the most desirable positioning, but no where else to hang them, and they looked good to me hanging there - it was a hot, humid night - but fun - so fun

Oldest daughter and our new dog, Romeo Guido Bassetto. Yes, he's spoiled. Yes, the cats are uppity about this. We had a fun Saturday, going to a Mexican restaurant with light, delicious food and lying in bed watching movies.

Part of my garden.

I did this kitty kat for a pet clothing website - drew it in Freehand program. I wonder if I can remember how to use it! Just installed it in the laptop along with Dreamweaver.

A photographer thought it was the cutest thing ever - the paintbrush in one hand and the martini glass in the other and he sent me the photos he took. He is a fabulous photographer -
his work can be seen in Flikr.com - Pat Hayes. Yep, I was pretty relaxed.
Thinking of life three, four, five years ago, I am having an extreme attack of an attitude of gratitude!


tweetey30 said...

beautiful family and glad you had fun at this art show.

punxxi said...

you look fabooooo

S.M. Elliott said...

Love the painting photo - the best of both worlds! ;D

Romeo is adorable.

Milla said...

Gardenia, you look like Hollywood material! You are one of those super gorgeous divas in the old style black & white movies.

Stagg said...

Great photo of you-'yer just so ROCK N" ROLL !!!