Saturday, May 01, 2010

Our Coast Sits Shrouded

Oil Spill in the Gulf.

Our coast sits shrouded in gray clouds, mist, and the wind is wailing as if a funeral has many groups of professional and otherwise wailers trailing above the earth as the pelicans, gulls, and seabirds sit on the rocks, still and silent and pointing out to the sea knowing that evil comes slithering closer.

So, the assurances of the 70's about the one in a billion chances of these things happening with off shore drilling are a gruesome joke haunting us from the past.

We drove to the beach today. People were out in droves - most of us desperate to experience our shores in their relatively (not completely) clean state before the slick of oil arrives. Fishermen on the fishing bridge to Gulf Breeze hoping to see the last live fish for a long long time. I think of the dolphins that swam up and down the waterway at the restaurant we went to last Thursday.

Projections of 30 years of serious eco-system damage, not too mention what will be happening to our drinking water, tourism, housing values, a long list could follow - - - -

Drill, baby, drill. Yeh. We all weep with pain on the Gulf Coast this week.

And we are supposed to believe mankind is too stupid to develop alternatives to fossil fuels. The world's oil based economy will not tolerate alternatives. For how much longer?


tweetey30 said...

You know Gardenia they are building two new buildings here for some thing or antoher but you know what there are no dang jobs.. Unless they are going to find and make jobs with these new buildings... I dont get it..

Gardenia said...

We are having a huge amount of construction here too. I don't understand - ?? The medical field I'm thinking is the best place to be! I just got back from doctor's new clinic and it was fabulous - tons of people working there -

tshsmom said...

I've been saying "I told you so" a LOT lately! :(

tweetey30 said...

Gardenia I heard some news about the oil and it doesnt sound too good.. I dont remember exactly what was said but something about it going towards the mississipi something or another.. they have one of our reporters down there..

S.M. Elliott said...

This is just so very, very disturbing. It did not have to happen and we HAVE TO decrease our dependence on this sludge. For one thing, we will run out eventually.