Thursday, May 06, 2010


I haven't watched much news, but it looks like the Gulf Coast Oil Disaster is more toward Louisiana. Currents and winds will influence it. Speculation is that it could possibility go into the Mississippi River. Some reports said as far as Key West.
They did plug the small hole, but the amount of oil, 200,000 gallons per day spewing into the Gulf was not reduced. Rumors are the "dome" will be in soon - a matter of days.
People are fishing - for the last clean fish - businesses are trembling - as are those of us who insist on buying local when possible and enjoy playing in the water and feeling like our drinking water is somewhat clean of oil (for now) and the eco-system fairly intact. Somehow the idea of eating fish shipped in from Thailand does not excite me.
So, yes, I do still live in Paradise, only it has been dirtied with repercussions that will last for years. Next time I hear someone say "Drill, baby, drill," I will probably throw up on them.
On a more happy note, my sister and I had so much fun - she said she had the best vacation ever in her life, and that is cool, because we usually go visit my mother and do not take vacations. I felt as if I've had two - the trip to the West Indies, and the week my sis was here - we were crazy, drinking, laughing, talking, crying, talking about lost loves, bad marriages, being kids, teenagers, oh, we covered everything that we cover every time we are together and more!
So, now somewhere reality is going to set in. I have quit drinking, and though I asked for an intervention, it was judged that if I had to ask for one, I most likely didn't need one. And I've started a fast one day a week, then partially two more days. Hopefully that'll get me back on track. My back is messed up again, so I'm down in bed often when it gets unbearable. But that will end.
In the meantime, we, including the birds, keep our eyes turned out to sea.


Milla said...

I love the image you give when you talk about you and your sister together.
My sis and I are still too young and not wise enough to have such a time together when you can share all the memories... and I can't imagine myself telling her about my 'lost loves' :)

I hope you'll be spared by the oil spill. Such a DISASTER this has been!

punxxi said...

Take care of that back! Hope the oil stops soon, before it goes all the way up the Mississippi!

tweetey30 said...

hope you had a wonderful mothers day.. mine was quiet..