Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A bit of this - A bit of that

Ok, trying the MS Word and cut and paste suggestions.

Saturday I went to four hours of the little grandson’s school carnival. It was interesting as there was some really great musical talent among the teenagers, former Montessori students. The art auction was awesome to watch. How would you like to get $900 for a collaborative quilt that you made when you were three? I bid on a large pottery bowl that was also a collaborative work that included my grandson – but backed out when it went over $200.00. My daughter won a raffle and soon we’ll go to the beach for three days and two nights (don’t know when) in a tourist area – a hotel right on the beach! They can go to the water park and I will lie in the sun.

Sunday I spent recuperating and watching “Daughter from Danang.”

“Daughter” was a story of a young woman airlifted out of Vietnam during the war. Supposedly these children were orphans, but according to the documentary, not many were. The movie was a heart breaker and showed a lot of actual footage of the kids and moms being separated to be flown out. The documentary centered on a young woman who found her Vietnamese mother and family. Her growing up in the U.S. with a mother who walked away when she reached her teens and who forbade her to acknowledge her ancestry was a study in rejection. This, added to her feelings that her Vietnamese mother gave her away, made her feel as if she wasn’t worth anything.

When she returned to Vietnam, she was stunned by culture shock. She wanted to be a nurtured daughter and was looked at by her Vietnamese family as a rich American who would take care of mom and help the other sisters and brothers. She returned to the U.S. disillusioned and unable to continue contact. The rest of the story…..that’s all I’m telling.

What else is new? I’m understanding what we’re doing at work and my books are balancing at the end of the day. Not very exciting, but predictable and the people are soft spoken and just the fact they aren’t stabbing one another in the back is such a treat.

My roses – oh, my roses! Stunning, stunning. I’ll get a photo or two in the morning. Large pink blooms on one, and dazzling reddish with yellow and orange tints in the other bush. I almost had them dug up. So, a lesson learned here! A rose can grow in the middle of weeds, in fact the rose looks dazzling compared to the weeds….

Lots going on, including this pervasive tiredness. Maybe getting up at 5 a.m. has a little to do with it. Not used to commuting and hour each day - I am working one whole week almost just for gas to get there. What is it with the U.S. and the lack of good public transporation?

Friday I am going to get the clotting tested on blood. I guess they figure the red blood cells are holding their own, no tests requesedt by the doc.

‘Night now.


Wandering Coyote said...

Hey there. I'm looking forward to pics of your roses - they're my fave! And that's a great prize your daughter won; I hope it's somewhere super. Sounds like things are settling down for you somewhat. Keep on truckin'.

Biddie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day out. I'm sure that you'll have agreat time at the hotel, soaking up the sun....

mister anchovy said...

I'm looking forward to the rose pictures too. It's way too early for roses in this neck of the woods. Two of my three have survived the winter well and are greening up. The third has obviously sufferred some winter damage, and it isn't clear yet if it is going to survive.

Red said...

$200 for a pottery bowl made by children?! Wow, that's an astonishing result! I would only pay that kind of money for something with a little "William Moorcroft" signature under the base... no offense to your very artistic grandson, you understand... but $200 is a good few bucks, isn't it?

Good on your daughter for winning the raffle: I'm sure you'll love the little beach break (and the sun will do your back a world of good, I'm sure).