Friday, May 04, 2007

What a Great Place to Be..............but which one?

Here is a sampling of the available fun in the area for the weekend:

"Henri Mattisse: A Celebration of French Poets and Poetry" This exhibit pairs the etchings and lithographs of world renowned French artist Henri.....with translations of the works of French Renaissance poet Pierre Ronsard and Modern Poet Stephan Mallarme.

Celebrity Blues Series presents Guitar Shorty at the Gutter Lounge. Shorty has worked with Ray Charles, Little Richard, Sam Cook and Willie Dixon over the long course of his career.

23rd Annual Crawfish Creole Festival featuring thousands of pounds of boiled crawfish and other traditional Cajun and Creole fare. .....Louisian Bayou country and zydeco music........

"Mozart and Margaritas" (This one makes me smile.)

"Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance" at the S. Theatre.

Family Day at Krispy Kreme.

Free Comic Book Day.

$59 room rate at 4 Diamond Resort, plus $10.00 in slot credits, and free breakfast for two.

Martina McBride concert.

"The Men of Las Vegas" at Chan's (dancing in their underwear).

Pompeii Exhibit

Music and Movie in the Park

Announcement of Contest for Greater Gulf Coast Arts Festival Poster

University Senior's art show

At least a dozen artists featured in as many galleries

.......and Cinco De Mayo

The first of a series of "Cult Movies" at the cheap theatre where you sit at round tables and can drink beear and eat hot dogs or chips & cheese while watching such movies as "The Return of the Swamp Thing" or Lucio Fulci's Zombie" .....and more!

How could one possibly choose? Which one or more would you choose?


tshsmom said...

The Pompeii exhibit would be a hit with my whole family.

I like Mozart, but hate tequila, so that one's out.

The crawfish/Creole pig-out sounds tempting, but I don't like crowds.

I guess I'll just skip all the excitement.

Wandering Coyote said...

Wow, that's a lot of choice, and a lot of good choice, too. I'd love to see Lord of the Dance, but it might be pricey. In its stead, I'd probably go to the crawfish event and the Mozart/margarita thing! You're so lucky to live somewhere with actual stuff going on. Jeez!

Wandering Coyote said...

Oh, and I'd totally go to the Pompeii exhibit since I did a minor in classics at university.

Red said...

Okay, I'd probably go for the Cinco de Mayo, because there's nothing better than a good fiesta, right? Close second would be Mozart and Margaritas... or the Crawfish Creole Festival. And that Matisse thing looks good too. I can't believe how absolutely spoiled for choice you are. Have a great weekend!

Hattigrace said...

I am going to Central Bark on Palafox w Isabella to celebrate her six month birthday!

Wish I was going to Martina McBride concert!

Which did you pick?!!

Gardenia said...

Still trying to make up my mind! Hubby offered to pay for ticket to "Lord of the Dance." Hmmm. I want to see art. I want to do it all. We'll see. Maybe tomorrow the zydeco at the Crawfish fest - hubby can drive, drop me close and park. Wish I could figure out how to put sound in here, need to study - no time, I work, blog, sleep. Had better go to the Pompeii Exhibit soon - it will leave June 6. Went once to see the King Tut exhibit - oh my it was fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Pompeii Exhibit is tha only 1 i want we r havin a cinco de mayo party neways most people dun even no wot cinco is thay dun even celebrate it in mexico kinda tha same as st paddys day in ireland crawfish is a lotta work 2 eat but its not bad cajun n creaole food is awesome tho mabe i would go look at matisse 2 but no choclate pancakes it is all carbs n sugar:o(

mister anchovy said...

no contest....I'd go to the zydeco, and if I got to eat a feast of Cajun cooking along the way, all the better.