Sunday, May 20, 2007

Songs and Shreks

This is going to be an eclectic post once again.

I went to my granddaughter's performance recital this weekend. It was so much fun watching her dance and act. I was so proud of her. But I realized the tears in my eyes were not only from love and pride over this beautiful girl, but from regret for the song and dance that was stolen from me. Sometimes, though when that happens, the circle of life brings it back to our hearts anyway! And often in a way we never imagined.

When very small, I loved to sing, and my heart yearned to dance. I was pretty and nimble. My recollections, though were that my every attempt to sing or twirl were met with nasty comments and cold indifference. I retreated into a fantasy world where I sang and danced in a place far, far away and the pure joy of the dancing did not include any reactions from others. Too young, too young to assimilate that lesson.

Even now, when I want to sing, I have to make a conscious effort to sing for the joy of the sing, and not let words spoken from the past stifle the song. I wrote a poem once about the theft of the song. Here's "kudos" for the parents who rejoice in their children and give them the chances to grow from the talents and desires within their little hearts.

Then, speaking of far, far away, youngest grandson begged me to take him to see the 3rd Shrek. As with the first, I did not want to go, but we went and this time laughed until we cried. The reviews have not been so good, but I found this to be a movie that could pull off zany humor for both adults and children. I loved it. Throw in all the old fairy tale characters that I know so well, Snow White, Cinderella, and more becoming macho women and we laughed some more.

I love the Pussycat character. I can still recite all of "The Owl and The Pussycat" by heart. I was raised on fairy tales, even the scary ones, and made sure my children were read to about Snow White, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, The Gingerbread Man, and so many more. I read poems to them that I didn't remember well enough to recite.

The classic characters were worth spending the money on the movie. Also I found out, not having seen Shrek 2, that Donkey married the Dragon and they had donkey-dragon babies, fire breathing, donkey-headed, dragon winged babies. Donkey and the Cat were hilarious, at one point, exchanging bodies. Just watching the donkey's fur stiffen and seeing a donkey hiss like a cat was worth going to the movie. It was full of so much fun. See it if you can. I needed something frivolous!

My head feels wacko fuzzy (blood thinners?) - is my brain leaking - I know its leaking important information that it should be retaining - then I get fuzzier from the stress - my back pretty painless other than some soreness, spasms, but hey, low grade to what has gone on from October until recently. I start physical therapy Tuesday.

So that's it for now!


Candy Minx said...

The movie sounds fun, to laugh with a kid at a movie is a real treat in life.

Sorry you feel dizzy...and tired.

I agree that parents who encourage their children to sing and dance are special, plus they really enjoy hearing their children and that is an entertainment too. All children should learn an instrument and music. Some times when you occassionally see someone who can not move to music at all...I think, they must have been so stifled as a child dancing or showing feelings.

Is that a beautiful gardenia in that pic...I could smell it's riches just from the pic.

Biddie said...

I love eclectic posts! It sounds like you had a great time out with your grandson. I love taking my kids to the movies, even though they're all at an age where it is so uncool to hang with mom and dad. (19 16 &12).
We're thinking of checking out Shrek 3, too. I don't care what the critics say, I love animation.
The last time that I saw Jessica dance at a recital, I cried my eyes out. It was just too beautiful.

ldbug said...

Sorry you aren't feeling too well:-( But sounds like you had a lot of fun with the grandkids!!!

Wandering Coyote said...

Glad your back has improved! I know that's huge for you.

I saw the first Shrek but not the second. I enjoyed #1, but wasn't so into it that I wanted to see #2. I guess now that the trilogy is complete I can sit down and watch them all to get the complete story.

tshsmom said...

I'm so sorry for your loss of music and dance!! What a TERRIBLE thing to do to a child! My maternal grandfather was like that. He ALWAYS kicked dirt on his children's AND grandchildren's accomplishments! Fortunately my parents compensated for his evil.

We ALL loved the first 2 Shrek movies, so I'm sure we'll go to this one as well. They're such a great mix of immature adult humor, mixed with humor any kid can enjoy!

Red said...

We caught Antonio Banderas on Conan O'Brien the other night and they showed a bit of Puss in Boots from Shrek 3. It looks like so much fun! I loved him in the second Shrek, especially when he put on his big, pleading eyes, fooling everyone that he was a harmless little kitten and then drew his sword: En garde! Genius!

Gardenia said...

The owner of the clinic where I get back treatments looks soooo much like Antonio Banderas. (Speaking of.) :)

Hattigrace said...

Yeah, it was a great wedding. TT is doing so good. Sold a shed today. All is well. How is your back? I am walking 3 miles a day now. No pain. Your day is coming.

Four Dinners said...

The Shreks are great. Love 'em. Hope yer feel ok babe. Worry about yer. x

tshsmom said...

OOOooo, I'll have to come down for back treatments to get me some eye candy! ;)

Camie Vog said...

Makin' my eh, weekly rounds...Wish it could be daily, but the baby needs her love.

Beautiful roses, and your post about the Zune was great! The little bit about wearing the earbuds while your hubby blathered on about stuff was fantastic. I love wearing mine when my hubby is home. That way, I can say "I can't hear you" to whatever kid is voicing their opinion, knowing that hubby is there to deflect them. Ah, BeanieVog calls...see you soon.

Country Munchkin said...

Hey there Gardenia,

I had to pull tears back after reading this post. So much... So much... I can relate to in the theft of our childhoods. The being beaten down before we even stood up. The constant belittling. So much for our inner-childs to have to undo to know we are ok. With that said, I can feel your pain and I know you feel robbed.

Each day I have to remind my inner child we will not give our past lack-of-caretakers the power to control today and that they have taken all from us they are going to. Yet the constant reminders of childhood theft are all around us.

Lee said...

Thanks to you, I'll take my kids to see Shrek 3. Lord knows I could use some laughin until I cry right now.

Good luck with physical therapy!

d34dpuppy said...

wen shrek is on dvd i will c it i think i has tha other 2 already thay dint steal ur music n dance thay stole ur childhood((((diana)))

d34dpuppy said...

wait wot i mean 2 says is that u seem 2 has a lotta blood trouble did u every gat tested 4 luekemia? not that u have it just... u no good idea

mister anchovy said...

I had every opportunity to be musical as a kid but didn't really take those opportunities. My father used to say, you must have music in you because none of it has ever come out. It wasn't until I was in my early 40s that I started to play music seriously. No singing though.

Gardenia said...

Puppy, after the first bout of transfusions, etc. a few years back, I looked up on the internet causes of anemia and freaked myself out. They are pretty sure its an iron problem because of the other health problem that I just don't absorb nutrients Also some long term meds I've been on have anemia as a side effect. I don't know which is worse - cutting off the other meds and seeing what happens - or what! But actually grandma is not in too bad of shape considering!