Sunday, May 13, 2007

for Puppy

The Demented Cat Game

Slow Irish music………..flute, guitar, harp

Come on you young fellows and listen while I sing
For the love of a Kitty Kat is a terrible thing
They’ll banish your senses,
You’ll be prisoner with pain and they’ll make you part of
The Demented Cat game

My name is Marc and I’m only 33,
My home is in Austin and two cats live with me
I’ve known all my life that all cats are the same
But I still fell in love with the demented cat game

These two cats of mine have terrorized me
My home is too small for their cat tyranny
My friend Nancy is greatly to to blame,
She taught me the joys of the demented cat game

I came home and saw Tory stretched out in his chair
And I noticed something awful in his stare
His tongue licked his mane
He tormented me with the Demented Cat Game

It’s barely two years since these three cats moved in
The sofa is now covered with the scent of cat gin
I read about felines and never wanted the same
‘til I became part of the demented cat game

I lie in my bed and on me my cats lie
I see Tory’s legs spin, he’s ready to fly
He jumps on my tongue I give thanks for the pain
That's part of the torture of the Demented Cat game


d34dpuppy said...

ty! happy mums day

Red said...

Cool poem!

mister anchovy said...

I live with a pride of them. There is a new stray hanging around the house, trying to get himself adopted. We call him Rossi.

Candy Minx said...

Ha, I love it! Indeed a cool poem. I miss having cats. I went to visit a freind with cats the other day, and I was just grabbing them and petting them...and I realized how much I miss having cat company...maybe one of these days we'll get a cat.

Four Dinners said...

very cool.

We're almost down to 8 cats at the moment. 2 creaking gates refuse to lie down though so it's still 10 (plus 2 strays)