Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Brushstrokes of Life

Bits n' Pieces:

....World Convention of our company is postponed because of "bans on international travel?" Eeek. (Swine flu).

....Monday and Tuesday were great days with a friend who is my hero. She and her husband began a ministry in Guatemala in the early 80's and now 8,000 plus children are being fed down there, in addition to children in Albania, and widows in Egypt. Our other friends stopped by...he had been in an awful accident in Egypt. We listened to the story of moving from the hospital in Egypt to Albania, and then back to the U.S. I am amazed he is alive, let alone traveling as he is. Among other injuries, he has three fractured vertebrae in his neck.

We talked non-stop!

....Saturday and Sunday were lazy with not much being accomplished. I did not get downtown to get pictures of the Spanish Ship. My garden looks ratty, I tried to put too much in it. I need to fertilize it today. But I have been eating lots of jalapenos and cherry tomatoes - my prime producers, besides the flowers. I'm closely watching the eggplant hoping to get it at peak of maturity, but before the bugs.

....Suddenly grandson hasn't come over much - feels like having a child and losing it at age 12 - I'm having a very hard time. Number one is his well being, of course, and not mine, but still.....I am trying to resist going to movies and eating popcorn, laying in bed in a depressed mode and trying to utilize the extra time to paint, garden, and work on business and be a happy fun person when I will get to see him.

....One set of neighbor kids were here for babysitting one morning, and the little girl stayed to to art......the other kids are in Bahrain for a while. I'm told they desperately need help in the program in Albania and my ears perk up.......

....We went to a 30 year anniversary of a pastor we dearly love! I've made it through buffets and bakeries and I've been super at staying on the eating plan, but in four to six weeks only four pounds have toppled off and I'm discouraged. My visiting friend was smiling though, she says, "H" looks at you like he's seeing you for the first time".........although he is careful to assure me that I was beautiful 60 some pounds ago....uh yeah. So, why all the attention now. Well, enough of that thinking - its a new day, a new life!

Our pastor friend has a condition that left his bones crumbling in his legs, and he couldn't feel it and continued walking on them - now is in a wheelchair - I'm trying to think of how to approach him on using the water and the energizer in hopes he'll walk again. To see friends in pain is emotionally painful for partially selfish motives here!

Our "Leonissi" all beautiful, sexy girl 24 hour painting party on the beach is coming very soon and I am sooooo excited. We'll incorporate a baby shower and a birthday party in the midst of it as well, and exchange wisdom, lessons learned, and revel in our "woman-ness" and return to life as usual, refreshed.

Life is unfolding like a series of paintings - my friends, upon seeing my house were delighted with the artwork. I am delighted they were delighted. Friends are becoming more and more important and I'm loving seeing friends I've had for years and have a rich history in our relationships.


tweetey30 said...

I like your analogy of the paintings because to us chess is just like life also. There is a beginning a middle, and an end..

Biddie said...

Wow..So much info that I am unsure of where to start..
Way to go with the weight loss. I need to be more proactive in my own health..Losing weight would do me some good, too.
My eldest daughter is not coming around very much anymore. She is busy with work and school, but I miss her. Somedays I resist the urge to lay around and sleep, eat in bed...I miss her.
My friends are and always have been sooo important to me, too. My family is fractured, to say the least and I depend on my friends for so much.

Candy Minx said...

What a fantastic week of events and you sound great! Maybe give your minister some water to have for a week supply? Maybe that will open dialogue?

Glad you are busy and well!