Monday, June 15, 2009

Having fun!

I am just being naughty. Just sent this Utube to an old friend. Ahhh hem.
Anyway, I just love Jelly Roll. I like to put on my filmy robe, put flowers in my room, string around the Mardi Gras beads, have a glass of wine and listen to Jelly Roll. No one ever said I wasn't a bid odd. Oh well!

Oh, it is sooooooo beautiful here. Another magnificent beach day. Grandson is here for a couple of days - yay, and I didn't feel like doing much, but decided I had better never waste the moment, so we went to his favorite place, the beach, then on to Publix for sushi and cucumber and dill hummus, green & yellow squash slices, a carton of olive salad, fruit for the trip home, and, of course, he talked me into buying him one of their fabulous chocolate, chocolate, light fluffy, cakes.

I've showered all the sand off, he's next to hit the shower, we'll have more snax, and he can watch a movie while I try to figure out the software for my new toy. We watched The Tale of Despereaux last night and we LOVED it.

The video cam is a snazzy little cigarette package sized, a bit narrower, video camera (can take pics too) that has an USB connection that pops right into the computer - no messy hookup! I have figured it out - except there has to be a way to edit the video....and I can't track it down in the software. It was incredibly inexpensive, I just hope I can edit. "H" saw it and thought I'd fancy it - I did. I have long admired "The Minx's" videos as an art form.

Well, grandson is in, coughing like crazy and begging more cake. Better find the inhaler and the cake.


tweetey30 said...

glad to hear you are happy. it makes it great when we hear about grandson. He sounds so sweet.

Milla said...

I had never heard of Jelly Roll but I love this song!
I can just imagine you, dancing to this song and wearing beads.

You know what? I'm going to do just that!!! With my cup of coffee rather than the wine (it's breakfast time here).

What a great post! perfect read for a Sunday morning :)