Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dog Days in June?

Well, I don't understand it, but it has consistently been over 100 C. degrees by afternoon for over a week running now. Even my garden is wilted! We are wilted. Thank God for air conditioning, but I don't want to see the bill when it comes. No way.

I've just paid a ridiculous bill for TV that I rarely watch. But, of course, it covers the internet as well and a house phone. I'm thinking of getting rid of the house phone, I don't use it that much.

Youngest daughter gave me her Blackberry because she wanted the new touch screen one - I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this phone. All the keys work, I can hear, I can read the screen even while out in the sun! It never hangs up on me or flips me into conference calls with the first person on my call list, all irritations of the old phone. Super easy to use, interfaces with Facebook and all my emails can be read and/or sent from it, I can download music, take pictures, videos - WOW!

Maggie came for Father's Day and we had fun sitting around talking, watched Tyler Perry's Madea, laughed a lot and traded health hints. Maggie got me started on a cleanse which I am already not being very successful with, but we didn't start it right either. Its called "Master Cleanse" and I think only for the very brave and very strong in willpower of which I am neither. But I am sitting here sipping maple syrup, lemonade spiced with cayenne pepper and eating asparagus which was gloriously on sale.

This weekend coming up is our Leonissi paintathon slumber party - that will be loads of fun, we have a condo on the beach and I will take lots of pics to post. We paint a large canvas, and then raffle to see who takes it home. I'm praying to win! This will be a great getaway before the Wyoming trip.

I don't know how to pack for the Wyoming trip - the two years I spent out there, the summers were stifling hot, but my mother says its been cold and rainy. Guess I'll know more as July settles in. I don't feel like taking a lot of luggage or "stuff." Layers, layers will work. My sis and I are avid coffee drinkers - we will have to sneak out for coffee or figure something out as we both like a fabulous cup of coffee - ordinary coffee won't do, but I'm sure we will be grateful for ordinary coffee. I really could take a lot - like my water filter and my coffee maker - and magnetics so I can sleep better - but my gosh - I'm not able to lug it around. Could mail it out and back I guess.

Summer is going way too fast and I imagine even faster for my northern friends. Before school starts once again, I would like to rent a condo over night - just to have a getaway and let grandson swim to his heart's content. He's at the age however he would want to take a friend...and should.

My daughter, Maggie, has been great letting her kids have friends, friends, friends around. Her house has been, and is a grand central station for kids. Even when broke she's managed to take the kids on vacations - they'll always have great memories - vacations are one of the opportunities I regret not taking.

I want to host a painting party before the summer is over. I smile, it would probably freak PawPaw out to have that much estrogen running around the house...I would have to rent him a condo on the beach to pull that off! Actually since tourist season kicked in full swing, he is so blooming tired when he gets home, he could probably sleep through, not only a dozen or so women high on estrogen, but a hurricane as well.

Soooooo - back to pouring more lemonade and doing some Southern languishing.


punxxi said...

well it has been crappy, fairly cool and rainy in oregon so they probably have crappy weather over in Wyoming, too...just a guess. July will prolly be nice. You need to invest in a keurig pot, it makes 1 cup at a time and you can make coffee,tea, or hot choc in it.
It needs a seperate filter for reg tea bags, but u can also use it for your own coffee. it's pretty light or you could get one in Wy. and send it home after. GOOD LUCK!!!!

The Preacherman said...

I'm extremely jealous.

I have a brick.

It's Nokia some'at from the dark ages. Jax nicks all my upgrades so I'm left with a brick.

Still I'm quite fond of my brick now.

It's sort of retro ;-)

Candy Minx said...

Thats great you and your sister both love coffee. I think the run to the fancy coffee joint will be a great excuse for you to bond and get out of the house. Caregivers often forget to take care of themselves.

Your phone sounds like a blast. Super fun.

It's hot here all week too. 91 today.

I hope while you're in Wyoming you'll find time to read a couple of books/novels or something really inspiring.

I have done the cleanse...it was about 20 years ago. It was kind of crazy. I remember getting a weird buzz on with the cayenne and maple syrup.

This afternoon it's too hot to eat...just trying to remember to drink water.

Gardenia said...

Candy, it shouldn't be that hot up there either right now, should it? I too am as thirsty as a snake in the dessert......

Bricks is as bricks do - I used to prefer bricks, reliable dialing and receiving. I hated my old phone but daughter gave that to me too, so what could I say. How in the heck did we ever get saddled with these things anyway? Whatever happened to getting calls if you happened to be home and if you weren't, well people just called back - now even the solicitors call me on my cell and get mad when I don't answer....the "Do Not Call List" is only a cruel joke...

I have a Tassimo - oh heavens, that is why I am worried about coffee supply - worlds of dif between a one cup contraption and a pot that sits all day till you get it all drank - fresh is soooo bourgeois - :) and nice, nice

Keurig's nice nice nice

Gardenia said...

Candy - airplane trips are my read time, I love to read on trips - a book going out, and one coming back. I've started about six of them, I'll take them and hope to finish!

Wandering Coyote said...

We've barely even had any summer yet, but I'm not complaining. A mini-break would be wonderful, wouldn't it? Your painting party sounds like a blast!

Milla said...

It's been very hot in London in recent days -and we expecting a heat wave too! I didn't think it could get any hooter than it is already...

I thought you were going to drive to Wyoming, I don't know why I thought it.
I think you should bring your own coffee... Life without good coffee is no life at all...
Perhaps your sis can bring the coffee maker, and you bring the beans.