Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summertime - Heat Index reaches over 104 C

Since we can't afford a Koi Pond, perhaps a Mushroom Pool? Actually these guys are soaking and cleaning for a diet version of Stragonoff - that is under 300 calories per serving!

Thank goodness this green drink is almost used up - it didn't taste good, but its good for you!

Fighting over who gets to lie down next to me.

Grandson's birthday party - his stepdad catering to a little girl guest who insisted on riding in a pink "Hello Kitty" car - now that's a real man, one who will ride in a pink hello kitty car and smile! Grandson seems to have hit a marker - 12 years old. Awwww, my baby is one year away from being a teenager!

Yes, I've fallen asleep at the kitchen sink. Not really, just having back pain, and leaning back for a breather. Yeh, yeh. Thank you, "H" for the flattering picture....not. Oh well, its real, eh?

The video cam I was so excited about quit functioning after two days so I have to go get a refund. Cheap not always better. I will put a good one on prayer list right next to a new classy storage cupboard for study/studio, ceramic tile floors, and the disappearance of twenty more pounds. For "Someday Isle."

Garden is gorgeous, but the battle with evil bugs continues - I do not like to use poison as the dragonflies, an occasional bumble bee (they have disappeared around the world), and butterflies are enjoying it too. So maybe I have to give up some produce and go to the Farmer's Markets. Will post pics soon.

Preparing for the trip to Wyoming - our family has two surgeries this summer to deal with - one being my mother's hip repair. My sister and I will be taking care of her and her dog pack though neither one of us should probably be traveling so far. My sis was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and is in the midst of treatment changes, and there is no air conditioning allowed in the house because "the dogs might get cold." It will be hard for me to keep up my health care regime. I probably will be posting elderly care stories in about a month. Besides, the hospital is scary.....I remember my IV coming out, and the staff refusing to give me any pain killers the day I came out of surgery - a night nurse finally came on, an efficient angel she was, checked my chart and went ballistic when she discovered the day nurses were too lazy to clean me up from surgery or bring me my meds (I never did get the preventative antibiotic dose) and I quickly had my pain meds, heat packs, a clean, blood free gown, and was able to sleep. I would not leave a dog alone in a hospital in this day and age - - - so I am taking camping out gear for the hospital. A foam piece to sleep on if I have to.

Have to update important papers and put them in our "hurricane evacuation box" - a plastic box with insurance, etc. papers that will be packed during an evacuation. I have a gut feeling though, despite dire predictions, that we will have a quiet season here.

Prep for Father's Day is underway. Will be low key.


Wandering Coyote said...

I'm glad your sister is going to help you out with your mom, even though she's not 100% herself. At least you won't be alone during that difficult time.

Milla said...

I agree with what Coyote says, that it's a good thing you won't be alone while looking after your mother.

Rheumatoid arthritis is what my own mother suffers from. My mum is in constant pain, even when she takes cortisone tablets and injections. Terrible.
I feel for your sister very much!

tweetey30 said...

I dont look forward to when my parents need my help really to be honest. I am an only child and I dont want the repsonsibility by myself.. Yikes.I know its nasty to say but its the truth. It makes it easier when you have a sibling to help you.

tshsmom said...

I hope that your parental caretaking goes better than mine did.

Candy Minx said...

I am also so glad to hear you are going to have help from your sister. And I hope you can put the air conditioner in your bedrooms at least! You're going to need good sleeps.

My sister and brother in law drink the green stuff. They say it gives them lots of energy. I've drank it too...and it gave me a buzz but it sure tastes yucky!