Thursday, July 23, 2009

Escaped for a while

This is my "lair" of late - yes, Starbucks and Safe-way! And buying lots of vegetables and fruit. At least now my mother is off her Whopper diet. Right now she is home grinding up a roast for the dogs because it is too hard to chew all the meat up for them. Ok...grind away mama, can I borrow the truck for an hour?

Checking my bank account, blog - and EVAH so grateful for all your comments, dear friends, they were like a flash of sanity in this pan of goulash here!

Tomorrow surgery should happen if the hospital has remembered to order the parts. Dear God, I hope they remember to sterilize them. My sister used to work in that hospital and she knows. The up side is, I will have the truck and relative freedom for a few days while she's in the hospital, as the chicken, roast, and turkey will all be pre-ground for the dogs and she won't be wanting me to sit with her hour after hour while she talks non-stop with the TV on max volume.

Weather gorgeous. Flowers so love cool nights. Had to back off the long walks for a couple of days, I had jarred my back from circling the park to the point of pain. Also aware emotions play a big part in pain.

Been cleaning though - when one gets older eyesight dims I thought, so I have been cleaning black handprints, stove grease, etc., etc., until this morning she plopped down on the kitchen chair and started criticising the "streaks" left from the cleaning by the knob on the stove. Grrrrr. The silverware drawer was one inch deep in dog hair, aaack. But that may be because they are spoon fed and the hair was attached to the spoons. Naughty me - they are going to eat like doggies while she is in the hospital. One of them is going to the kennel because she was telling me how to break up dog fights. (She's had broken fingers, bites, a broken knee cap from separating fighting dogs.) I told her, I was NOT, under any circumstances going to separate fighting dogs - if spraying water on them didn't work, then she'd better buy me a dog size taser before going to hospital because diving into dog fights is not an option. Pouting. Then deciding to take the grouchy older dog to the vet for kenneling.

I enjoy Zoe, the one I call Cleopatra. She is insane for my lip gloss - so when I put on makeup, she sits beside me and fishes around through my makeup bag for the gloss and I weaken and give her a tiny wee bit on her little doggie lip, and then she gives me a kiss. So she is a pure delight - I would take her home in a minute if "H" wouldn't divorce me over it.

Well, if one can see the comedy in this, its funny. At least mother does have some modicum of self care going on (after the dogs) and I am learning to practice positive thinking and at least practice setting boundaries although that has never been something I could ever win with her.

Some of it is cute - the boyfriend - she is wanting me to order her sandals, getting out of the old lady sneaker thing, and then to paint her toenails - its a very weird romance, but then I've had a few weird romances myself. And its nice to see her focused on something besides dogs and the imperfections of her yard, house, neighbors, friends, family, etc.

It still leaves me thinking what in the heck we will do with her when she can't take care of herself? Also leaves me thinking about better ways to interact with my own girls and hopefully try not to drive them wacko.

In the meantime, I can't wait to get home to Florida, humidity - it keeps the wrinkles plumped out, family, my dear independent cats, friends...and hours on the internet - and like an alcoholic desperate to stay sober, I am taking one day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time.

Love ya'll!


Vicki said...

How sad that those doggies have lost all their teeth, and at such a young age! ;)

punxxi said...

Doggie Dentures!!!!!

Milla said...

In the meantime, I can't wait to get home to Florida, humidity - it keeps the wrinkles plumped out, family, my dear independent cats, friends..

Check out the order of things in this list of why Florida is good! ahahahahaha: winkles first!
You're such a great lady, Gardenia :)