Saturday, July 18, 2009

From Wyoming

Quick Post. The hospital "forgot to order the part" for surgery (although its been scheduled for six weeks, so surgery was postponed to the 24th.

I'm taking lots of walks for sanity's sake. Lots of negativity, wow! Well, one day at a time as they say.

Lots of manipulation - like "cut (dog's) pnut butter bedtime sandwich into two pieces or he won't eat it." Me - "Really! When did he learn to count?"

"You'll take my friend to his physical therapy appointments, won't you?" Me - "No, I will take care of you and dogs, hauling your friends around is asking too much." Her - bawling, sniffling, "after I've done for you...." and more.

Found she's been living off of Whopper Jrs. Two a day. Buys four at a time, refrigerates them, and heats them in microwave, but cooks full blown dinners - chicken, hamburger, rice, scrambled eggs, pnut butter sandwiches, assorted veggie snacks for dogs.

Sooooo - thus, many breaks for long walks, as I walk up the street I mutter a lot.

I'm at Safeway (grocery store) taking advantage of WiFi. And escaping. A starbucks iced coffee giving me some comfort of home.

Its very hot in the afternoons, but mornings are cool and it hasn't been so hot I can't sleep so that's good.

Miss bloggins, computer researching, and playing and my Florida family something pitiful!

Posting this from the Wifi station at Safeway grocery store - clandestine and all of course - I am now going on assigned errand of picking up diet root beer and heading back to an alternate reality.

Till later - maybe during surgery the hospital will have wifi in waiting room and I can visit ya'll - suppose?


Wandering Coyote said...

Re. the manipulation: did your mom & mine go to the same school of motherhood? Pfft! Good for you for being assertive and setting some boundaries - and taking your mental health breaks. Keep taking care of yourself. Thinking about you!

tshsmom said...

I know EXACTLY what you're going through!! That alternate universe is a stifling, life-sucking place, isn't it? Walking, listening to my music in my truck, and calls to my cousin J, my friend Sandy, and my family were the only things that saved my sanity when I was in your position. You're in my prayers sister...hang in there!!

My mother has also developed some odd eating rituals for their dog. Oddly enough, their dog loves to stay at our house where she's free to just be a dog.

When will your sister arrive to help add some sanity to your situation?

punxxi said...

we have wifi at our safeway too...right next to the starbucks stand, must be a chainwide thing.
The after all i 've done for ou seems very new answer is" and i've paid for it ever since"! good luck, hope your sis makes it soon, then she won't know who to pick on and you can trade off days of staying there. I'm pretty sure you won't have wifi in the hospital, pretty sure the signals will interfere with the telemetry...that is why they make you shut off your cell phones in the hospital and dr.s offices.

Vicki said...

That alternate universe..whew, is it any wonder why Gardenia and I have haywire immune systems, or none at all? Not to mention a slightly tilted outlook on life!
I just pray that G doesn't get sick before I get there..
I am so blessed that G and I found each other after all those years of mother pitting one of us against the other and all the manipulation. It is still a challenge..and still we give in, losing the battle to win the war and remain sane.
Thank you for all of your support and prayers!

tweetey30 said...

Hope all is better. I am not looking at whenI have to help take care of my parents to be honest with you. I just dont know if I will have the patients to do it. I love them both but it scares me to heck to see what I will say or do.

Milla said...

Call me shallow, but I laughed out LOUD at the dogs eating sandwiches cut in two.

I can imagine however how hard it is for you. I think I would feel like leaving my ma on her own if she were like that...