Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday 1:26 PM Central Standard Time year 2009

Wooo hooooooo what a ride!

Surgery went well - doc and nurses say she's doing great, but she's says not. On my way to hospital via WIFI stop at Safeway to check email, so I will check in person. I think she'll have plenty of company this afternoon so I'll fix her hair, put on a bit of makeup for her and then hopefully escape the scapegoating.

Dogs adjusting - they won't eat their four course meals and one howled until 2 a.m. last night. I don't dare tell her - because she'll be out hailing a taxi with the catheter trailing behind her. I think he'll adjust - he ate this a.m. so that's a good sign.

Another day I will have the dog duties under control and then the next day she'll probably be coming coming home.

I had no idea that she had disintegrated so bad mentally from my twice weekly phone calls to her. Mean and bitter and dwelling on everything negative and if it doesn't exist, she'll invent it. Perhaps its been the pain. The doc said the area where the plastic wore off the metal in the replacement was inflammed. However four hours a day of cooking chicken, rice, roast beef,turkey, boiling eggs, scrambling eggs for dogs is a lot of work as is wiping dog butts after they poop - I never heard of that - and waking up all night to make sure they are covered with blankets -

Well, this is a welcome to the phase of life many of my friends already function in - taking care of difficult elderlies. Hopefully as recovery progresses I will have a few more years grace.

My sis will arrive the 6th of August for some much needed relief - and perhaps mother will be enough on her way to recovery some sunshine will be able to peek through all those dark clouds. She will not in any way consider psych meds - and currently is refusing her therapy in hospital - so I think I need to check some resources if this continues. Hahahahah, like psych meds for myself!

She does have some wonderful friends who manage to remain friends - I have enjoyed them very much.


Wandering Coyote said...

Oh my God but those dogs are just way too much! Out of my deep respect for you, I'm trying not to laugh at the image of you mom hailing a cab with her catheter dragging behind her, just to come home & wipe doggie bums...But it's hard...

Glad the surgery went OK. I've been thinking about you and wondering. Has it cooled off? It's considerably cooler here now, but it's back to the old heat wave after tomorrow.

punxxi said...

I hope it all goes well, but your mom sounds like someone I know, who is bitter , nasty and downright mean to people, kind of orders you around like a servant.

tshsmom said...

"Mean and bitter and dwelling on everything negative and if it doesn't exist, she'll invent it."

Oh good Lord, I think my mother and yours are twins! You and I have striven to become the opposites of our mothers, haven't we?

I don't know about the laws in Wyoming, but I checked on resources to help my parents. According to MN law, there's not a damned thing they can do if for my parents when they refuse all help. :(

punxxi said...

at least we have euthanasia here....

tweetey30 said...

Isnt that amazing how some people just stick together after all these years as friends even when you are riled up and mean spirited.. I hope she recovers quickly for herself and your sanity.

Milla said...

Gardenia, I might sound rude to you, even very disrespectful, but your recent posts about your mother are so incredibly HILARIOUS!

I am happy that surgery went well, and today being the last day in July it's less than a week before your sister arrives; not long to go before you can have some freedom again.