Friday, August 21, 2009

Thoughts from the Swampland

Ninety percent humidity and temperature. So go our days now, probably until the end of September. But its not long till then. Everything feels like the swamp. Its been a weird and short summer, partially due to me being in Wyoming for a month - and it wasn't really summer there - it was sort of like a crisp fall in the mornings and the nights.

I'm sorting - our garage - well the piles have gone from "I can't see over the tops of the junk" to being able to see across to the door. I am making room to stack MORE boxes for a garage sale. Grandson has happily been sorting in anticipation of a sale. Sadly school is starting Monday. My heart is concerned for him - he goes from secure grade school to middle school, changing classes, concerns over bathrooms, new rules, many more kids, unknown teachers - he's a worrier like me. I pray for him. He spent a week with me - we were able to see a couple of movies and he played with his friends in our neighborhood before going back to his parents. We had a good time. He also sorted his toys and put some in boxes for garage sale.

So, I started on the study and will go on that one room till finished, then move on to next room. It seems like I have come to an end of sorting endless bowls, drawers, boxes of trinkets and junks and more junks except paperwork. I think it will be the most difficult as there are so many papers to shred in order to make more room. And I need to empty some shelves in grandson's bedroom to move the lego creations to his shelves. I need to empty a filing cabinent to make room for the water business stuff. It seems endless in there.

In true ADD fashion, I've been making headway in all rooms for two years now, never finishing one. A friend suggested I work on one until done! I don't understand why it is taking me forever. This project was started two years ago after my return from Wyoming. But then, considering the shape the house was in, I kind of understand. Stuff crammed everywhere! Two families in one space. And my stamina lasts about 3 - 4 hours for a day, no stamina first year back, spending the first year as a cripple. I lifted mucho boxes in garage the other day - as "H" was spinning wheels, and expected to be laid out flat - and I'm not in much pain, hooray!

I am at a loss about what to do with all of "H's" books. Our house is too small for endless book collection. Which is sad because he loves books so - I am to the point that my love of serenity and order is more important than collecting books - I would rather use the library, and keep a few that I think I might read again, and my art books only. Our bookcases are falling down rickety being double and triple stacked but really sturdy ones cost a mint, if they even make them anymore. I will google.

Neighbor said he would lay the tiles if we wish to get some ceramic tiles. Our carpet is worn out - I think I would rather have laminate, but I have seen some tiles to drool over. We'll see. In this economy its hard to overcome the fear of spending for more than necessities.

Well, this post is a late night, can't sleep (again), ramble.

I've sold all I can, planted all I can in Farm Town.

I LONG for the day I can't just be done with clutter and then paint! I have so many ideas, so many sketches ready.


Biddie said...

Oh, me too! I am longing for the days of living clutter free, but it just isn't ME, you know?
You are right - I have had so much loss that I tend to hang onto things..You would not believe how long it took me to get rid of stuff that was my Dads. Some of it was complete junk, but it was HIS junk....
I am working on it slowly, but surely. Hope I make my deadline...
I can't seem to do one room at at time either...Godd luck with your yard sale.
We made $170 last month.

tshsmom said...

I'm fighting the same battle here. Z's OCD prevents him from parting with ANYTHING, including packaging. The thought of a rummage sale and making money from his outgrown toys has been a bit of an incentive, but not much. We've been working on a rummage sale for 2 yrs now...maybe next summer?

"In this economy its hard to overcome the fear of spending for more than necessities."
I hear ya!! We'd LOVE to go away for the weekend and do something fun. But we don't dare spend the money. We never know if our jobs will survive another winter. :(

Gardenia said...

Oh, yes, grandson keeps packaging - and has given me as gifts little plastic containers full of paper clips, cut up papers, erasers, a candy wrapper...and how can you not say thank you and keep it ALL?

Milla said...

Don't you find that getting rid of stuff is like therapy?
Once in a while I get rid of old paperwork and magazines and various other junky bits: it's a great feeling for me!
Zorro accumulates a lot of things all the time because he keeps EVERYTHING. So now that he is in Sweden I am getting rid of some of his junk too! And he will NEVER even notice, I bet.

Milla said...

I've come again here this morning to look at this painting of the red house. Is it one of yours?