Friday, September 18, 2009

Beloved Gulf Shore

The foreground is white sand - a bit darker than the usual sparkle, but it had been raining off and on.
The dunes were not as spectacular as they were before the 'cane of five years ago (to the day when these photos were shot, I believe) but they are still beautiful

Don't know what was on the minds of these little guys, but they seemed to be in a trance as they stared out into the world of water and sky.

This is a "barrier" island, not an island really, but an attachment to land, land which is mostly separated from the mainland by water. Condo after condo lined the "island" but there was a wonderful wild place that had been left undeveloped.

I so love our beautiful shore down here - the mood is always different. Wednesday, we drove down the beach road to an area I haven't visited since the big 'cane of five years ago. We eventually ran into rain, but after we had enjoyed a laid back period of time. I loved the overcast photos of the beach.
Has anyone been having trouble with blogspot? I am unable to add in Utube, cut or paste is non-functional, it's just quirky lately I think. Hoping it is not my computer.


tweetey30 said...

Those are awsome shots Gardenia. I went to e-mail you a few minutes ago and realized I have no e-mail addres for some reason... E-mail me when you get a minute where I have it please.. No idea where it went.. Yikes.. I am losing my mind slowly.. Glad to know I can inspire some one with our little journey's.

punxxi said...

I love those pictures! I really love the beach during storms...which is a good thing since it has decided to skip the rest of summer and go straight to the beginning of winter.I was having a lot of trouble with my puter, so i haven't tried to do anything on here for a while, nothing wanted to load, videos would run a second then buffer some more, very choppy and too agrivating to watch. I fixed it today and as usual, the easy fix is what worked...I shocked my router and that fixed it. I knew it had to be something weird, because it was affecting all of the computers.

tshsmom said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!

We get "black and white" days like this when there's snow on the ground. I wouldn't want a steady diet of those days, but it makes for some beautiful photos.

Milla said...

oh Gardenia, these pictures are so ebautiful, they have such a melancholic streak in them. Especially the last one.

The seagulls: I sometimes do what they are doing: stare ahead. I don't even see where I am staring, I just know it is somewhere ahead. Maybe I'm a seagull too ;)

As for blogspot: I changed my profile picture today (as per usual, every few months I do that) and it took me 4 (four) tries to upload it. There is definitely something odd going on...

tshsmom said...

I just published a post. When I went to hit the "Publish Post" button, it wasn't highlighted. Then I noticed a box next to a "terms of use" statement. After I clicked on the box, I was able to publish my post. Maybe that is your problem too?

Candy Minx said...

Love this beach!