Friday, September 04, 2009


Headlines - should Obama have been allowed to talk to college students? I knew it - there is truly a dumbing down going on in the U.S. Since when did college age students not have the capacity to make up their own minds about issues or think for themselves? They are flying fighter planes, leading in war, many are working, living in their own places, raising families, participating in the community....WHAAA?

By proxy, I would like to apologize to college students for those who don't think YOU can think.


Candy Minx said...

oops...sounds like I've missed a news story...I better go look at CNN. What happened now Obama used a two syallable word and someone comlpained?

Gardenia said...

LOL! I think that was about it.

punxxi said...

I thought that the whole piss and moan was about him addressing grammer school kids. Who cares if he talks to college kids, they are legally adults and can listen or not as they so choose.