Sunday, September 13, 2009

The French President's Wife

I've become fascinated with Carla Bruni after seeing a special about her on Sundance channel. She is quite a talented singer and seems to be a really well grounded woman. I know her husband, Nicolas Sarkozy, is not too popular for reasons unknown to me. But he has good taste in women. Most of the time Carla is pretty much without makeup and working hard in her studio when she isn't out being "The President's Wife."
She's endured, or perhaps enjoyed all the talk and spin surrounding her. Who knows. But what a woman . . . this one will bear watching.....someone with the class of a Jackie Kennedy with whom she has been compared.


tweetey30 said...

Amazing isnt it.. I mean from getting divorced and finding some one else so soon.. Yikes.. She is beautiful though..

Candy Minx said...

She is something else isn't she? You'd think Sarkozyw would have more of a smile on his face.

I always thought he pissed off the guys in France because he actually married his mistress ha know they wanted to keep their wives and their mistresses...he goes and gives his mistress an honest name. Ha ha

The real issue with Sarkozy is probably because he has reached out to the United States and the United Kingdom. He advocates workers rights and he wants France to work on tolerance.

He's an okay guy in many ways as far as his goals and ethics. Carla Bruni shares these beliefs with him and may even be the fire that will cary his ideals forward to revitalize Frances economy.

I'd like to see that doc on her...I'll keep watch.

Milla said...

Beautiful, she is. Rich, she is (her Italian side of the family belongs to the aristocracy). Talent, she has (some).
Lucky Sarkozy!