Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Nevermore" quothe the Raven

Found this little fella at the dollar store - just too droll to resist. When I wake up for a 2:00 a.m. coffee, there he is. I almost expect him to smile with his little beak and mutter, "Nevermore!" I like tucking crazy little things around the house to make myself smile.
This humidity is just about to get to be too much - Saturday's am adventure at Grand Lagoon left me with either the flu, bronchitis or really bad allergies. No fever, thank goodness. Foolishly went on a spree of trying to eliminate dust from book shelves in the bedroom and all I did I think was to stir up the dust something fierce - even my high powered air cleaner that I keep in the room couldn't handle it all.
Hope I'm well for art demo by Sunday - should be. I'm up to 3,000 mg of Vit C a day. Woo hoo!
Have outside vines to handle that have grown up the side of the house and obliterated a window - I'm tired of no light in that room, but saving that for after art gathering in case the mold added to the dust and humidity shuts down the breathing mechanisms.
Weird year here - bugs ate EVERYTHING practically, what they didn't eat - the early hot summer did it in. I haven't seen the armadillo for a while, I'm afraid the neighbor trapped him. I was getting fond of the little fella - he was really after the bugs, slugs, and crawling things.
Psycho was bitten by something and his face swelled on one side quite badly making him look like a freak cat, I hate it when they get sick and their inner eyelids stay shut - they look quite possessed - more than usual that is - I doctored him and bathed him, flea treated him, gave him extra vitamins and special foods and prebiotics and kept him in for several days now he's back out again, and I see skin problems arising again - so I will have to put up with his crazy running and jumping trying to get out so he won't get sick again.
Trying to figure out the contradictory information in regard to Social Security, Medicare, etc., etc. What a maze. I have called "H's" insurance twice and received two different answers on how they handle coordination - I will try to finish that up when offices open up this morning.
So, everyone - have a great Tuesday!


Candy Minx said...

Wow, the paperwork sounds daunting between your medical companies. I'm sorry you have to do all that paperwork. I'd be lost.

The dollar store raven is quite impressive. But for the life of me...I can't believe you are waking up at 2a.m.!!!! To work, can't sleep? For fun?


Wandering Coyote said...

This has been a banner year here for:

ear wigs


Gardenia said...

W.C. - and slugs, caterpillars (I tend to leave them alone because some turn into pretty flying things) and spiders - even at the beginnnig roaches showed up - I think from our mulch of pinestraw - they love to hang out in pine trees - time to change mulches! They don't like the sand so they've dwindled.

Candy, I don't know why I wake up like that either - sometimes, I work, sometimes I read, or just get up and have a cup of coffee and sit outside for a bit and watch the pines against the night sky - - there is freedom in that, but also annoyance at times too, because sometimes it is a head full and swimming with ideas, issues, questions, answers, obsessing maybe at times.

Candy Minx said...

Well, guess what? I landed up waking up, stressing out, at 3 the two nights before. I spent through last night...but isn't that weird. her i was worrying about you waking up...and then I land up waking up. I didn't get out of bed though...my wheels were spinning and I fell asleep at 5.

Milla said...

That is a gorgeous little feathered fella!

I hate slugs and snails, they eat everything.