Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Review

To daughter's house for Christmas
Presents in the Elvis Room

Movies for later

THE CHAIR! Christmas present to make gaming even more awesome!

My youngest daughter's house

This a man dog?

Oldest Grandson with lst born daughter

Leopard Skin Shoes done and ready to hang

Youngest grandson - can't stay off the computer

Nana & Christian

Shop stop for some seafood

We had a great Christmas. Good snacks, fun together, a new puppy, Weezie (which I really wish they could clone me one - he's adorable and soooo good. The weather a bit drizzly with rain, today sunshine. Too many lemon drop martinis - whoooooo - too many calories - but good times - even remembered how to jitterbug much to the grandkids, or at least the one who was "jitterbugging" with, delight.
"H" is out shopping day after sales, I'm too broke for that, so youngest grandson and I are watching movies -
My granddaughter would not permit any pictures on Christmas day - :(
"H" and I went to NINE and IT'S COMPLICATED yesterday, both about men who were egotistical womanizing butts - but the casting, costumes, unique presentation and plot behind NINE made up for that many many times over - and Penelope Cruz who never seemed more than a shadow did a number that was really powerful - she won't be forgotten. And even a few moments of Sophia Loren were worth the whole movie as well. I would give it a "9!"
We laughed so hard through "IT'S COMPLICATED" and cheered at the ending, she made the right choice.
That sums it up - now on to New Year's then Mardi Gras......


tshsmom said...

I'm glad you had such an enjoyable Christmas!
Everything went very smoothly here too...except for the weather. :(

Four Dinners said...

'The Elvis Room'? Oh dear...;-)

Happy New Year babe

Love n hugs

4D xxxx

Candy Minx said...

Sounds 'n looks like a good time for all-Happy New Year!!!


tweetey30 said...

Happy New Year Gardenia and family...

Candy Minx said...

Wow what an amazing set of photos! So glad to see you and your family having so much fun. I'm looking forward to seeing "it's complicated" I can't wait. Probably this weekend.

Lots of love and happiness to you...I know you're on the road but I just wanted to give you the biggest new years hug!!!

(((((((((( ))))))))))))

Love and I'm so glad to know you darling woman!


SME said...

It looks like an awesome Christmas for the family, and I love the Elvis Room!

Happiest New Year, Gardenia.