Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays

Hope everyone enjoys the slowdown and holiday(s), whichever, or however you choose to celebrate!

We're having a hodge-podge - Christmas eve with youngest daughter and grandson, and older daughter and grandkids coming from Mobile - then not sure when we'll put in a small turkey over here - need to accommodate those coming and going - "H" and I can always plan snacks around them.

Then celebration with friends on the weekend - but right now feel too tired to do one more thing tonight/p!

Snowbird friends will arrive to their place over the bridge after Christmas.

And I still don't have my fall yardwork done.

The pantry, however, and the laundry room have been painted and are fresh!

The poor potted plant's bows are beginning to droop - my visitors today made fun of our tree - well, they should come and put us up a proper one!

The Nutcracker Ballet was a good show, a bit non-traditional, but delightful as always. Grandson has gathered two additional new nutcrackers for his collection, one picked up from the ballet. We went to eat at Red Lobster and he had a proper Christmas with Grandma. Hope for some special time with each older one when they are here!

Time to find a snack! Happy Holidays!


Four Dinners said...

Happy Christmas babe and a peaceful New Year as well.

4D xx

tshsmom said...

"And I still don't have my fall yardwork done."
I guess that's one advantage of snow. Nobody knows that our leaves aren't raked. ;)

punxxi said...

D, I hope you have wonderful and RELAXING( can always hope, yeah?) holidays!

mister anchovy said...

Merry Christmas!