Saturday, December 12, 2009

Not a Good Day

It started out good enough today - got my first mile in on elliptical, drank all my green stuff, vitamins down - yes - shower, good hair day - grandson spending two days here - fun!

Well, grandson was dropped off with a present for the birthday party he was to attend. I was invited to a Christmas party. We left the house in the rain for the Christmas party and had a nice enough time, then left there for the birthday party.

Now, I really like kids, all ages, I really do. I adore them. Individually. In a group they scare me. The little varmits are like dogs - they are pack animals and they all want to be alpha. Nothing cat about a little kid. Thankfully grandson is 12 and super well behaved, didn't worry about him, and just tried to stay out of the others way and read until the ordeal was over.

This "birthday party" business - dozens of kids running around, screaming, screeching, dim light, about 8 things, 15 feet high, with slides, filled with air which hissed every few seconds, another sound that closely mimicked a car horn honking every 60 seconds, and Alvin and the Chipmunks singing something about "Christmas time...." and a dog barking to the tune of "Jingle Bells."

Two hours..........two looooooooooooooong hours. I wanted to put my head in my arms and cry.

I have decided that, despite the fact a 50 year plus person has much more experience and wisdom (theoretically) under their belt, their nerves are worn out, and that is exactly why God saw fit to give children to younger people.

Then, bright idea to take the recycling bags (three large ones that wouldn't fit in the pick-up bin) to the drop off point at the fire station. It was dark by then. I stepped in a deep puddle, slipped and my cell phone fell from my pocket into the puddle. I threw the recyclables into the air, retreived the cell phone and laid it on a paper towel where I thought it might drain the best, disposed of the recyclables and came home to dry the phone out with the hair dryer.

Blackberry acting like a crazed robot from the worst of Sci Fi movies. Sob. I am incognito - stranded - no phone!!!! It still beeps, I know people are trying to reach me, but no can see them or who is calling! Panic!

That led to another cookie binge - oh heavens, I feel like a complete failure today!!!!


Candy Minx said...

Oh dear. You know I am sure you feel just worn out...but guess what? The universe is letting you know it is aware of you! This is called a "lila" day. You had lila's thrown at you all day. I am so sorry about your phone...I am sure it will recover?

Hopefully you took the battery out and dried it off. The battery is the main thing that you want to dry off. No blowdryer. Put the phone...without the battery into a bowl of dry rice. Hopefully the rice will suck out the water trying to evaporate in the phone.

Hang in there! Hopefully you won't have to make an insurance claim...just leave the phone in the rice for 2 days.

Candy Minx said...

p.s. Stagg and I have had some crazy bad luck days with all our errands. One thing after relally feels like we can't do anything easy. But I try to joke that a lila is the goddesses and gods playing a little tease with us. When these teaes happen it is good great grace and the universe blessing you will acknowledgment. Kind of just like when our friends tease us it means they know us well and love us!

Wandering Coyote said...

Well, that kid's party sounds like a complete nightmare to me. I totally would have cried and I wouldn't have stayed, either! I'm with you - kids on an individual basis are OK, but as a group, they just scream "tubal ligation" at me.

I hope your phone recovers, too. That sucks hugely.

Just one of those days, eh...Tomorrow will be better!

punxxi said...

Do what Candy says, hopefully it will dry out and be ok, also make sure your sim card is seated right and is dry. AND never admit to the phone company that you dropped it in water, that will prolly void your warranty, just say "i dunno, it got a litle damp in the rain" i would have been insane after 5 minutes of a kids party, unless i had my ipod going and a book so i could tune them out completely!you're a better gram than me, for sure!

Milla said...

Ohh Gardenia, I laughed out loud at the description of the birthday party. You managed to really pgive a very vivid idea of how hellish and noisy it was!

Hey, what's wrong with cookies?!??!?

tshsmom said...

What is it with those extravaganza birthday parties?! Then, the next parents try to out-do the previous party. Don't these people know we're in a recession?

Gardenia said...

Cookies turn into evil fluids in my body which torment me with malfunction - knee swollen and hurting - but they were so yummy - almond flavored. Phone recovered! That is a miracle! LOL Candy, I was stressed it took a third reading to figure out you were saying dry rice, not dry ice. I was thinking, hmm? That was a close one!

Milla, I used to have nerves of steel, I could drive down the road nursing a baby, with two in the back fighting and whapping me in the head with thrown objects. LOL, maybe that's why my nerves are shot?

Cherie said...

Two hours is a heckuva long time for those of us who've been long removed from the days when it was OUR kids involved in such activities. We'd grown thick skins to cope in those days. That thick skin wears off and we gentle down. Hard to jump right back in without wanting to smack a kid or two upside the head.

You aren't a failure, dear Gardenia, you are human. And you were drained. And drained people often reach for comfort in the form of things such as good cookies. Forgive and forget. Tomorrow is a brand new day! (Of course, I am writing this days after the event but hey, wanted to encourage you if I could - for next time, you know. :)