Friday, April 02, 2010

April, Old Florida, and My Bonne Island

My grandson got me this mirror (sorry about the "night pic" although its kind of neat) from a garage sale and even had it delivered. It is "old Florida" to the max, and is about three and 1/2 feet tall all the way around with long-legged birds - could be egrets, flamingos, or herons - not sure, but I sure do love the mirror. The only problem will be getting it hung. I will probably have to go buy a stud finder and consult with a sales person how best to hang such a weighty mirror. I think I want it in the bedroom, maybe I will get a palm tree for either side, inside palms, since they are on sale and go with a new theme in the master bedroom. Paint some mermaids to hang on the wall ala Weeki Wachie - where I hope to go someday while it still exists. I thought it so sweet he rescued the mirror for me. He is really proud of himself.

Good Friday today - trying to decide what that means, have been studying the Four Gospels today and various viewpoints from various religions. At any rate, we shall celebrate Easter - we'll go to early church, then the kids are all coming - even the big ones want to dye eggs this year and some friends, the ones from Wyoming who have "wintered" down here are coming as well. I will have to be careful and not expend too much energy as all of a sudden I have crashed physically again.

Simple buffet lunch - ham, five cup salad, potato salad, green salad, sugar free angel food cake with cherries, coolwhip frosting.

I got sick Wednesday, and had been doing so well, walking and enjoying cool morning air, felt marvelous and wham. Everything hurt from head to knees, chills, etc. I'm sleeping a lot, resting - or at least trying to, think I caught "H's" virus - I thought, no, no, no, not before my trip. So I don't know if I'm going or not. Certainly not if stomach is still so fickle. At least no chilling for 24 hours so that probably means fever is gone. So we'll see, I pray for health ASAP!

Found out my sister will visit at the end of the month - yay! Will be nice to just bum around, no one to take care of - we only get to see each other every five years, unless my mother has an emergency and we meet in Wyoming. So, its going to be a full month - then in May everyone starts having birthdays - and I will be behind on yard work if I get my trip - I don't want my sister to work as she has rheumatoid arthritis, and I want her to rest in my big magnetic bed, and on the warm sand!

We did an impromptu garage sale last week - across the street from the bird mirror, and grandson manned the table and made $70.00! It was kind of fun - the most fun part was getting rid of almost everything we wanted to get rid of for now. Now, we have room to keep working out there. I want to have a set of storage shelves built for art work, my study/studio is full as can be.

Hopefully I can post before I leave, should I really leave! If not, have a good holiday, and I'll post island pics when I get back, if I don't go, I will post pictures of me pulling weeds and planting herbs.


punxxi said...

Oh Diana, please be well enough for Easter, your trip and your Sister. I would have a garage sale, but they have to take the rest of the property as well(sorry, bad joke)

punxxi said...

storks or egrets, maybe?

Candy Minx said...

I hope you had a really good weekend and weren't under the weather.

I love the mirror...and I love the idea of "old Florida"...I bet it's a great collecting theme. Oh palm trees...I wish!