Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Ok, yes, I am continuing on one grand bout of fun..... lst photo - slumber party! Yay! No, you are never too old for a slumber party. Not co-ed of course, just the girls, silly, serious, wonderful fun!
Second photo, grandaughter's sixteenth birthday - her boyfriend is a doll, we all love him. She is smiling and enjoying life so much more - so happy for her - a good way to see in the 16th birthday!
Third photo - dinner and drinks at Lulu's - Jimmy Buffet's sister's place on the bay - ooooohhhh my, watching dolphins swim by, the best Margaritas in the universe, a sunset to cry for, and fabulous food and laughter and fun - what more!
Fourth one - sister is visiting from Seattle, I linger in the isles of the tourist souvenier store trying on sunglasses and taking silly photos, crazy ol' lady havin' fun - hey folks, never give up hope - it gets better!!!
And better
And better
Fifth photo: We are smashing, no?
Viva la Caribbean and Florida


punxxi said...

No one is ever too old for fun, but somepeople just don't get it! I have fun all the time, whether or not anyone else is, I can always amuse myself!
I bet your sister was so hapy to be away from Seattle and visiting you. Although she may have been frightened by the yellow orb in the sky....they haven't seen it much this year, either!
What fun you all look like you are having! ...and yes I have to play with everything in the stores! I bet you do too!~

tweetey30 said...

You are 100% right about we arent to old to have a girls night out.. or in I should say.. Life is to short to spend it in many ways other people do.. I love your photos' and Happy B-day to that beautiful smiling granddaughter..

Milla said...

I just love, LOVE, the first picture. I am going to plan a slumber party with my friends beginning right NOW :)

You all look so happy, and especially you, Gardenia. You ARE a smashing lady!!

Gardenia said...

Oh, Milla - have a fun slumber party! We have a dinner, then goof around, drink, listen to music, cry together, laugh together, exchange advise, dance sometimes, always do a collaborative painting, then breakfast in the morning before we break off. A million different ideas of things to do - soooo fun!
Thanks for birthday wishes, Tweety.
Yes - finally in life, its time to have fun. Should've started a lot earlier!

tweetey30 said...

you are welcome gardenia... I have to admit I dont have any girlfriends in real life just here on virtual world.. maybe one of these days I will have a virtual sleep over.. LOL..