Thursday, April 29, 2010

Winding Down

Well, sister about to leave - we are both snockered as my friends would say - looking somewhat demented - tonight we are visiting memory lane with the help of the Bee Gee's and Santana. Whooo - are we old, or WHAT? Not too flattering photos - but hey, we are an absolute mess tonight - ever go through your whole past with your sister - wept together, set the world aright with your sister - - - yes, those are really GIANT margueritas - - - we are home waiting for "H" to come in from work, all "old folk" in our second childhood, each with our own private fantasies that we are living or dreaming of - - - and looking death in the eye - - - "steely eyes."
Visiting the 60's - the revolution - the drugs, the "free" love - the war - many of our buddies now coping with PTSD from Viet Nam, some of us, veteran protesters, war vets full of PTSD - still stoned - dear Lord, I'm thinking, thank goodness this isn't all there is!
Ok, yes, we are depressed in the bittersweet memories - were they any better than those who have the memories of other decades.........tell me, my friends.


punxxi said...

you two are adorible,if blurry! actually i think the camera was ok and it was the two of you! Tell you sister it has been very rainy all this week in the PNW

Gardenia said...

Oh, raining down here today too - she says "does it always rain this hard when it rains?" We are recovering today - our sins are baking banana bread and chocolate zuchini bread - - good for a rainy day.

Milla said...

Those Margueritas are rather large, Gardenia... ah ah!