Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Latest Painting

For those who aren't Facebookin' it, here is the latest painting I've finished. I've named him Chicken Bone George, however, thanks to a perceptive friend, I've realized there is a lot more to roosters than their looks! I would share all of the meanings of a rooster, but for quite a few months Blogspot won't let me cut and paste anything!

Not much else news - oh, yes there is. April, May, and June - a plethora of birthdays, Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day. I am buying presents galore this time of year. Or, it seems like it anyway.

The last two years, our dry cooler spring season has disappeared in favor of hot humid weather which heretofor usually appeared around the middly of July through September. So it is rain and more rain.

Also, I've joined "Curves" - a franchise with weight resistance machines that puts you through a workout in 1/2 hour. My back was spasming again and always the numb feet, so I thought, "Well, I've done everything else, why not?" So three times a week, I go for a vigorous sweaty workout and I LOVE it! In fact am going there in a few minutes. It did help and a side benefit is my body is firming up and waist reappearing. After age 40, it is hard to keep a waist, I've found - unless one is a smoker and smoking is not an option for me because of health issues although I love it so.

What else is new? The garden is growing nicely - except for the tomatoes out back. I definitely need those square foot garden spaces that we have "been going to build" for two years now to get any produce!

Oil Spill - silly term that is. Very serious still - some estimates of 1,000,000 gallons per day spewing into the oceans, Gulf of Mexico. Many jobs dependent on tourism and fishing are lost, gone. Scientists are saying that accumulated gasses from the oil that is deeper under water is very toxic, and people along the coast in Louisiana reporting coughs and nausea. There is a reason the cleanup workers are trained in Hazardous Materials and suited up. I'm glad my grandson was not able to take the job because of school. It doesn't pay particularly well to risk one's health - $12.00 an hour, with a requirement to work 80 hours per week.

Gloomy predictions of hurricane hitting this area, could push the oil up into the bayous, marshes, waterways, shorelines. Yet, the government shaved quite a bit off the mandatory evacuation map leaving more people and homes at risk. My question is, what about methane filled water in a 20 foot hurricane surge and 120-150 mph winds coming on shore, breaking gas lines - BOOM - huge fires! Whole subdivisions and lines and lines of condos on shore burning down. Worst case scenario? Yes - but isn't this oil spill with no idea of how to stop it or clean it up really, a worst case scenario? It is!

Ok, folks, I'm off to Curves - have a good day whereever you are - but remember the Gulf, please - many predictions are that this could extend clear to the Caribbean - some of those islands are perpendicular to Central America - this is huge and no end in sight!

School out the end of this week, I am excited to spend time with grandson!

My organizing, cleaning has slowed - but I feel renewed energy to begin again. "H" is going to have a storage unit for canvases built for me which will aleviate my angst in the art studio/study. Yay, hurry!


tweetey30 said...

I hate this oil spill and esp knowing its so closse to you.. You paintings are fab... I got my drawing done. My mom had it done for me in a colored chalk.. Amazing really..

punxxi said...

That is a spectacular rooster!I really want the oil to turn and go south, maybe it could visit Cuba instead? The manatees don't need anymore problems than they have already!

Candy Minx said...

That is a truly lovely painting!

Stagg said...

This painting is soo good'llwake ya up in the mornnin' !!