Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mi Casa

The garden is getting there - hopefully by November everything will have re-seeded itself. Still no bees, the dragonflies are growing, but a quickly transient population. No hummingbirds yet. Come on, plants, grow, grow! I have them in mushroom compost so they should zip along. It's humid and warm. A preliminary sketch is done and waiting for the Cajun Hibiscus to bloom. I can't decide whether to do them in watercolor or acrylic. The blooms are plate sized, deep blood red, but only last a couple of days. My command of acrylic is a bit better than watercolor, so that will probably be it if I can approximate that blood red.

A spider has built her nest in the bromeliad and has several juicy morsels awaiting her pleasure. I managed to repot that without too much disturbance to her home.

Thanks to the sprinkling system and generous new seeding, the half dead lawn is pretty much back in shape.

I need to finish painting the front door, get the windows cleaned, and the carpet cleaned and the Casa will be Mi Casa again - there is a certain sense of peace when things are repaired, cleaned up a little, weeds replaced with flowers.

Grandkids will arrive Thursday but can only stay until Friday - that is sad. Well, perhaps someone can take over the little one and I can take them to a movie. Maybe do some painting and approach them about a scrapbook project for Christmas gifts.


Candy Minx said...

Your house is lovely and so is the garden. Oh I do like Florida for green! I think you've done a great job with the lawn, very pretty. I love hibiscus plants too. Do you make tea from them ever?

I hope you have a great visit with the kids even if it's just overnight. I love the idea of getting them to do a scrapbook.

mister anchovy said...

I agree with Candy. It looks great.

Gardenia said...

No tea, will have to look up how to do it!

Biddie said...

You have a beautiful house...Have a wonderful visit with the grandkids even if it is short. I think that it is just what you need. Hugs. xx

Anonymous said...

::::waves 2 diana:::::

tshsmom said...

Your yard is GORGEOUS!!
Our front yard is looking pretty good. I only need to trim the grass around our hostas and snow-on-the-mountain.
Our back yard is a neglected DISASTER! You can't see our back yard from the street, so that project always gets put on hold while we attend to visible repairs. :(

Gardenia said...

Well, you notice I didn't post any of the back! :)O

tshsmom said...

LOL, that makes me feel better!

Ya Think? said...

Hey Gardenia,

Your home is looking wonderful!!
About the bee's... I was reading somewhere there is a honey bee shortage and they believe it has something to do with cell phone frequency. I see bee's up here, but then there are not many cell phones compared to cities.

I bet you are looking forward to seeing the Grandkids... They sure have grown up.

Speaking of spiders, I had an unpleasant surprise yesterday. I felt this burn and brushed it away. I hopped up fast when I saw it was a brown recluse. Went and grabbed the box tape and taped him to it. Then beat it to the hospital. It was in fact a brown recluse and I had been bit. I am fine, but will be extra tired for the next few weeks.

Hope to see you soon

Wandering Coyote said...

Oh, it's so nice! So green!

Milla said...

Hooo la la! It looks so beautiful! And tidy and neat.
You know? I cna find a lot of inspiration for my garden from these three pictures. Thank you lady!