Sunday, July 01, 2007

ITS UP! Test - Test - Test

Sunday, a.m. Getting ready to fix breakfast and a good cup of coffee, its quiet, no one up. I like it.

I finally uploaded the website to the host. (Haven't slept much.) I am having trouble getting the correct biography to upload, but mainly I wanted to see if you would be a "tester" for me. That is, would you check the site out and given me your feedback? (The writing on the biography page is awful I know.) I have yet to get subdomains set up for the websites I want it to link to so those are missing, and the Links page is bare. But getting there.

The web address is temporary for a few more days until the host does their thing. Then it will be

For now:

Healingtree Art and Design

However, what I need to know is:

Does it come up quickly?

Do you see all of it on your browser - and if it comes up messy on your browser, what browser are you using?

Are there any overlapping layers except the intentional one on the Drawings page?

Any glaring grammar or spelling errors?

Is it generally pleasing to the eye? Any suggestions, critiques?


Wandering Coyote said...

Oh, it's great! Beautiful! I use Firefox and had no problems loading it. Also saw no glaring grammar or spelling errors. The two pictures on your drawings page overlapped on my screen, though. Otherwise, it looks fantastic! Go you!

Red said...

Same as Coyote, I use Firefox and it loaded super-quickly, except for the Ceramics page, which was a little slower. There was no overlapping at all for me.

Also, I couldn't access the Biography page at all.

Please note that there is a spelling mistake on the opening page ("capitvates" instead of "captivates"); also, under Digital Art and Ceramics you wrote "experience Art!", with an exclamation mark that does not appear on the other pages. I think you should make consistent, no?

Finally, under Web Design, it might look better if you also put bullet points before "photography" and "on-going web support", like this:

To achieve this I also offer:
* logo design
* photography
* on-going web support

Sorry to be so picky... it's my job! But I think the site looks awesome... well done you!

Gardenia said...

Thanks so much for compliments AND honesty! - will get back to work!!!!!

tshsmom said...

We use Firefox too. There was a slight overlapping on the drawings page, but I thought that was intentional. It looked artsy to me.
I couldn't access the biography page either.
Good luck with this endeavor!

Biddie said...

Doesn't come up for me. :( I don't know who my server is (Rogers Cable?) cuz I am so completely computer illiterate...sorry. I wish that I could see it.

Four Dinners said...

oh eck. It says '403 forbidden' whatever that means.

Probably wise to keep me out I suppose. 'Specially if it's beautiful.

er....what's a fire fox and shouldn't somebody use an extinguisher? fur'll smell a bit

Hattigrace said...

I got the "403 forbidden" too. I have BellSouth as my server??

Wahhhhhhhhhhh, I wanna see!!!

d34dpuppy said...

k i got tha 403 on aol(ie 7.0) i try it on firefox n c if it work there...brb...cant get neweres on firefox...mozilla firefox is a search engine tha same as ie n all 4d

Candy Minx said...

I may have to go to firefox to see it...nothing came up except a "forbidden" notice...I'll keep trying...

Four Dinners said...

Gotcha! Worked then. off for a look now