Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lazy Day with Wistful Wishing

The view out my dirty window - that was one of the main reasons cleaning lady was hired - to get the windows cleaned up from the hurricane 4 years ago - or was it 5? I think I am just going to have to tackle one a day or something like that. What will remove four years of grime, plus well water minerals, plus a paste made of housing insulation from the hurricane? Vinegar, brillo pads?

Maybe next time I'll hang around while she cleans and then say, would you help me with this? No, the poor thing is 7 months pregnant - jees. Although when I think of I what I did when I was pregnant - I worked with one of them even into several hours of labor and stocked groceries through my 7th month with the last. And carried groceries to the pickup for the macho men of Wyoming. (My theory about work, is to work at anything reasonable until you find what you really want, therefore I've had a lot of really different jobs.)

Being tall, most people assume I am also part horse and much lifting, pushing, carrying was demanded of me in younger days (on the home front too) until my discs were crushed.

I put on this big pot of red chili this morning - grandson went out and picked more peppers and also the first yellow squash. So he had yellow squash lightly browned in olive oil for breakfast and the chili is in the crock pot.

"H" invited me to lunch today (yes, what IS cooking?) and I acquiesced, however lunch with a panic attack is not so fun, although it was fabulous food, what I could eat of it. Anyway, I have enough left-overs for two more meals. Now, I'm wondering if it will soon come up that I need to pay him back or if I'm home free. I keep waiting for the papers to show up, but he's acting like he's on his second honeymoon. And, after seeing all this, my youngest daughter is still intent on getting married? Oi.

I'm going to change clothes and paint as daughter is asleep in the living room, and grandson is bunked out watching cartoons - but I'm going to make him turn them off and then read his school library book the rest of the afternoon. Allowing him to continue to watch those things long after he's been told to shut them down is teaching him to not obey. He is not mature enough to make good decisions about how much TV to watch or what to watch. I think I need to go to Barnes and Noble for a day and read some books on how to get your child to do what you want them to do. Not that he's my child - but who knows, it might come in handy for the future.

Speaking of my nanny life, Dr. Lovely is advertising for an executive & personal assistant/nanny/cook/ that is into speaking Spanish and Italian, for three teen age boys. fast can one learn a few phrases? Three teen age boys - oh, they look like Dr. hard could that be. Never mind. Silly me to even ask, right? But still, three days a week.......oh heck, I can't whip my own house into shape...sometimes I wish I had know, those kind.....and Mary Poppins I am not, just a very determined granny....still, to have a house on the bay, an SUV to run the boys in, Dr. Lovely coming home to a gourmet dinner - - - woo hoo. Wonder what he needs assistance with? Oh, just joking....I keep meeting these honorable guys -

Speaking of, I met Joerg from the Tall Women Website he administers. What an adorable kind of guy. We had a nice visit over a cup of Starbucks, and I wonder what makes this guy adore tall women so? And I mean tall - 5'11", 6'4", 6'7" & higher. No ego problems there.....he's found shoes, tall sizes, medical resources, friend resources, and other stuff to aid us women who run against the norms of society. We do get treated differently sometimes - but at least we can drink out of the same water fountains and pee in the same toilets as those of average height...oh boy I am on a roll tonight, best get busy with the paint brushes.


Milla said...

Can I come for lunch?
I can smell the deliciousness from right here at my computer.

Gardenia said...

It did turn out pretty yummy.

tshsmom said...

Aren't crockpot dinners the greatest when we're busy?

The Manic Street Preacher said...

Nowt wrong wi lazy days babe. I have loads of 'em - 'specially watchin' cartoons.

...long as it's The Simpsons

Gardenia said...

oh, anonymous, I have seen so many cartoons since I've been back here - my favorite is Courage the Cowardly Dog. Next, Scooby. I don't have the good sense to drink vodka while watching them -

Say It said...

what about that kaboom soap scum remover? You could try that on your windows. It works great on shower doors.

That chili looks fantastic. And squash for breakfast sounds rather tastey. Hadn't thought of it really. But its a great idea.

Vicki said...

Say It..
you have to understand my sweet Gardenia..
Now, someone could walk into Gardenia's home and say, "I missed breakfast this morning and I am craving fried potatoes, chocolate cake and a shoestring soaked in olive oil" and she would drop what ever she was doing at the moment, stir up a cake-throw it in the oven whilst peeling potatoes and soaking the shoestring-make a cup of coffee-do up the dishes in the sink and throw a load in the washer-run and pick up the boy from school and slap the best tasting breakfast on the table that you have ever tasted!
Been that way for lots of years. Only person I know that could read a paperback book WHILE driving the 120 miles between Casper and Rawlins!!
She is truly awesome!

Gardenia said...

Awwwwwww, Vicki, thank you. "M" and I are just texting trying to figure out how to start raising Alpacas and make some money. Actually wonder if we could fit in some Emu as well. A chicken or two in the bathtub so I would always have a supply.

LOL, don't know if I deserve an awesome award for driving while reading, shhhhhh, don't tell anyone.

Candy Minx said...

That chili looks so good I am drooling! Love the palm trees out your window too...

Red said...

Gardenia, I fear I might have missed something and I feel like a fool for asking, but... is everything okay?

Gardenia said...

oh, Red, things aren't really ok - but.......I'm thoughtful on the challenges and proceeding as well as I can and trying to be smart - -