Thursday, May 22, 2008

One more reason I love Florida

Just think - I could be living here now. For only $90,000 plus lot rent. Pretty, isn't it?

Just thinking about reasons I am grateful to be back in Florida. I had almost forgotten about the brown dust clouds back "there" until I started coughing so hard this week.

I have a monster cold, Feel like poo poo. Its cloudy today, think I will crawl upon my mat on the floor, and mindlessly watch TV - my eyes hurt too badly to read. And sleep. I had to soak one of them open this morning.

Grandson has a choir presentation tonight which I wouldn't miss for the world, but I'm wondering if it would be entirely too rude to go there coughing like I am. Maybe I could wear a mask - and embarrass him - no that won't work. Graaaaaaaackkkkk. Hack hack.

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tweetey30 said...

Get better soon. Hugs and sweet kisses from the girls..