Friday, May 16, 2008

Rainy Day Woman 1 and 2

The results are in on the MRI. I have a very severe and complex set of problems from mid back to where my tail bone begins. Next week it looks like I'm going to have several injections into my spine to reduce nerve inflammation (hopefully). Doc says he doesn't know how I'm getting around as the "stenosis" (narrowing of the spinal canal) & disc problems are so severe. I've always been able to tolerate a lot of pain. And, thanks to other Doc., Doc. Lovely, I am getting around, but I want a normal life. Normal! And, now, my right leg is starting to give out under me.

Note: Please do not lift heavy things - get help - especially if you are a woman. Women can have a macho syndrome as well as men (Yah, I confess! I've lifted washers and dryers, worked out with weights way too heavy for a woman) and, believe it, men suffer back damage too. Also, never settle a car accident without an MRI of your back. X-rays show me to have a healthy back. Xrays do not tend to show herniated discs or problems within the spinal canal. You only get one spine for one life. I'm discovering quite a lot as I search for solutions and ways to live with or fix (if possible) this.

I think I found a surgical center in mid-Florida that does non-invasive back surgery. It is necessary to do several for very severe back injuries and the other myriad of spinal problems, but recovery time is a few days compared to months to a year for the kind of surgery that is recommended for me. I'm trusting God to lead me to the right place for treatment and to provide for me so I can have the treatment/surgery or whatever is required.

The good news is, I have now lost 44 pounds. I'm edging on down, its getting a bit more difficult now. The photo is recent - in fact, I'm deep in thought over the back thing. Ha, my tell-tale white door - no, its still not completely painted - one of these days, I'll get it done, along with the windows.

I have changed since coming back from Wyoming. I find that plans are only sort of "maybe maps" for the future. Planning is good - but thinking that everything should go exactly according to "plan" is not so good. Plans need to be made as do goals, but plans also need to be as fluid as goals and we need to retain the ability to readjust when necessary.

So very rainy today, but its kind of sexy out there really. Unless there are tornado warnings and I had better check the TV as it is getting VERY dark out there. UPDATE: I'm editing this and right now am looking out at SUNSHINE and lots of it.

I have a good book about raising independent children and plan to curl up with it, then go to the store for orange juice for the sick boy and some snacks. I'm also out of coffee - that's REALLY unacceptable!

Worse yet, its an incredibly bad hair day!


Red said...

44 pounds! Wow... you'll have to share some of your dietary secrets with us. I lost about ten pounds (in just over a year, though. I'm taking it super easy!), but I find that I have kinda plateaued. I would like to shed another six to eight, so I must renew my efforts!

Surely losing weight will also help a little with your back pain, no?

Milla said...

Bad hair day: what on earth are you on about? I have much worse bad hair days than you (remember the picture on my Other Wheel?)

44 pounds is A LOT of weight that you lost. When I saw the picture of you sitting on the chair, wearing the jeans rolled up like a rockabilly gal I really thought "Ohhhh Gardenia looks absolutely FAB!" and you DO look fab!!

My mother also had injections in her spine when the pain was too much. In Italy we call this series of injections 'terapia antalgica' and they use a mixture of epidural and cortisone. She had these injections for about 10 months and now she feels pretty good: she can walk, play with my little niece, do the shopping and cleaning, she climbs the stairs in the house again, she can do some gardening, basically she can lead a normal life with almost no pain. Before the injections, a 'normal life' was only a distant memory for her.

Candy Minx said...

Bad hair day? You look fantastic my dear!

It's rainy around here too. I am cat sitting. I am trying to take a pic but they are crazy cats running around.

Your back pain if scary. But it sounds liek you've done all the right things to help your self. I am anxious to hear how the new treatment works out.

Gardenia said...

Red, I've gone to a doctor specializing in the endocrine system and weight loss. Without him, I couldn't have done this so quickly. Well, its been six months. I have had to commit to three years of 3 miles a day on the elliptical (can't walk a hard surface) to reset the metabolism and will probably have to stay on the hormone cocktail. A year is good, even for ten pounds - it means you are keeping it off, and have made the adjustments needed to control it. Doc's theory is - once a woman hits 30-35 - her hormones start changing (men too), thus the increased difficulty with weight. He says three miles a day should keep the gain away for those not struggling with major weight problems. I piled tons on when the Crohns disease was active and I had to take steroids. Yes, for sure it can't hurt my back and will help. Anyway I have 40 more to go - Candy Minx saw me before the loss.

Milla, good news - maybe the injections will do it. Thank you for sharing! It would be so nice to give myself and my family the high energy level I used to have!

Candy - give them lots of catnip, they'll eventually fall over and go to sleep. I do look better don't I? Still have a ways to go.

Biddie said...

I will pray that everything goes well with the injections, my friend.
44 pounds is a LOT of weight! I wish that I could lose 5...sigh...

Ya Think? said...

I am sorry I did not see this sooner. WildBlue had a WildHare and went out. I just got it back up. I am sorry bout the back, but maybe there is some relief in the near future. If there is anything I can do, let me know.

Ya Think