Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy Mother's Day & Stuff

This is the second attempt at posting today. Its been a busy day. I cleaned house until I couldn't move anymore only to have it demolished when everyone arrived here toward the end of the day. Oh well, what is more important? The people!!! The people within the house. Homes aren't museums, but people-holders, right? Ideally, people havens. Right? Right.

Anyway, last night was so much fun. Grandson's school had an Arts and Literature night combined with a spaghetti supper. I was asked to bring some paintings and one in progress to work on and give a demonstration. There were potters, jewelry makers, and other artists and the kids all had a ball.

I had made some headway for several days on Parrot. Some of the children would stand watching for a long time. I would ask if they would like to paint some strokes. Of course they did. They respectfully stayed in the areas I asked them to, and one little boy did stray - but he was a little boy genius with the paint brush. I let him work on the banana stalk and the parrot beak. He later came by to check to see if I had changed his marks (I hadn't - they will stay there forever.) Later his grandmother shared with me that he was "obsessive-compulsive" and had a great deal of difficulty in school because of it and whatever could make him feel good about himself was appreciated. I told her she really did have an incredible child as far as painting went and to encourage it. So many labels for children anymore......

Was able to spend some time with grandson's teacher and meet his little boy, well, not so little. His daughter had done an incredible pastel drawing of a dragon. I have never seen such an outstanding public school....I wish our boy had the chance to go there a couple of years earlier.

Sunday I plan to meet a friend from up north for a bit of grown up time, and another artist friend emailed and has been missing me - I am so bad when it comes to friends and things outside my four walls...tomorrow going to the beach and sitting in the sun and letting the waves and water sounds soothe sounds like a winner - grandson wants to see Ironman, the movie. That's a lot for one day.

Mother's Day is Sunday - having my kids and grandkids doing well is present enough, and I will treat myself to a nice lunch of diet food. Maybe a new pair of capris. The two interim pairs are sliding down my hips, woo hoo, some more - Dr. Lovely - here is a big kiss for you! I'm beginning to think the medical establishment/pharmaceuticals/government are getting big payoffs to keep us fat and sick. Doc Lovely swims upstream against the flow and pioneers away.

Anyway, its getting HOT here - well, not hot, but in the 80's. Southerners get cold when it gets humid, but I start cooking - to me its like a steam bath. The fewer clothes the better. So anyway, it'll be another day, Mother's Day, but then I've had some fabulous ones at beach condos and given a golden ring with precious stones for each child's and grandchild's birthday sign and wined and dined - I'm content to see what God brings me for the day.

Younger daughter is engaged and I find myself involved, or rather sharing in her plans. We picked out a wedding dress yesterday. She thinks its the dress - we'll see. But she's secretly dreaming of a Las Vegas Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding - I told her I bet we could come up with one given enough time right here where we are. Wouldn't that be fun!

Anyway, all you mothers, whether to kids or cats, have a great day, ok?


Ya Think? said...

That McCaw has my name on it and it ain't Ya Think. Ö¿Ö When it is done, let me know how much you are going to be asking for it.

Red said...

That parrot painting is awesome, I love it!

As the mother of a beautiful cat, I thank you for the Mother's Day wishes and I hope you will have a beautiful day too!

(By the way, thanks for reminding me that it is Mother's Day! Here in the UK, it falls in March, but in Italy it's the same as the US, so I have made a mental note to call my mum tomorrow!)

Hitting the beach sounds like a dream right now, so be sure to soak up some sunshine and splash around in the water on my behalf too, yeah?

Gardenia said...

Thanks! It's not done yet. Don't know if I'm going to sell it - I'm tired of the still life in my living room...we'll see

Say It said...

Happy Mother's day. I'll be spending the day at the barn and then I think the kids are taking me to dinner. Nothing out of the ordinary.

The parrot looks really good. Great job!

Candy Minx said...

Hi Gardenia! Happy Mothers Day!

Sounds lie you had a rewarding visit with your grandson's school. You are a saint and how wonderful his school event is a full family affair he is a lucky child.

Your painting is lovely and colourful and I bet some kid there will be inspired to be an artist.

I am thinking of you today I am on my way to Niagara Falls wish you were with me. I also got some great news yesterday that involves me coming your way in August! I'll email you more details when I get more time time to check e-mail yet...


The Manic Street Preacher said...

Hope you had a great mums day babe x

Is that parrot nailed to the perch? ;-)

tshsmom said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Candy's right; you ARE a saint! Will daughter and grandson be moving out after the wedding?

Gardenia said...

LOL, Tweety - I know one thing, new son-in-law won't be moving in four an extended family - unless its because their house won't be finished on time. You know I will have a rough time when grandson moves out, very rough.

Milla said...

You daughter is engaged to be married? Crazy gal :-D
But, I guess, love is love, the heart wants what the heart wants, and thank god for that!!

Cherie said...

Your parrot painting would go perfectly on a particular wall in my home.... :D It's gorgeous!

My kids saw Ironman and told me I HAVE to see it. Hope you and your grandson got to view it - and liked it.

You have so many beautiful things going on in your life, Gardenia. I read this post twice - it soothed me and straightened out my sloppy thinking.

Thanks for the wisdom you shared over at my blog. It has helped so much. I've shared it with my family. Encouraging. Thank you!

Happy Mother's Day a few days late! You deserve a grand celebration.