Saturday, May 30, 2009


Mostly I champion children, but wanton killing and torture of animals is high on my list of things to be eliminated on this earth along with child abuse.

Here are some sad videos - I've written my elected officials when I can. I guess they just passed a law allowing loaded guns to include rifles in National Parks - now why would one want to carry rifles into National Parks? Or any loaded gun for that matter. Very scary.

A loaded rifle is considered personal protection? National Parks have a VERY low level of crime. Or are loaded rifles better for poaching which is decimating the protected species in National Parks. That and maybe kidnapping and rape are the only reasons I could think of to take a loaded rifle to a national park. Now will we have wars in the national parks between criminals and campers, park rangers and poachers?

At least some of the people are truthful about why they are killing in this video - the "thrill" of killing a predator - but what to do when mankind is the predator?

Another reason I wasn't popular in Wyoming - my idea of fun does not extend to killing creatures. Yeh, I know all the jargon - protection of herds, like elk spread brucillosis, yeh sure. Cattle don't carry diseases? Coyotes are more into rabbits - not a prize ram - they have been known to take a sick sheep. But then so have pet dogs. I had a cousin who laid in the wreckage of a plane way too long when it went out shooting coyotes from the air. Hunting from the air can be dangerous to humans, and as the shooting of his friend by ex VP Cheney indicates hunting from the ground can also be dangerous. Some people's idea of fun!

One day while driving across town, I saw a wounded pelican in the intersection. Some people were actually trying to run over the bird, while (in the minority)a couple of people had stopped in the bedlam to rescue the bird.

I just do not understand the mentality of killing for fun. Hunting and eating the meat is another thing - if the meat is used, I have enough of the wild west in my system to not have a problem with that, but not enough wild west in me to think killing for fun is ok. An elk or deer or two in the freezer was a welcome gift enabling us to save money throughout the year on groceries - but killing for fun? I don't see it - I even hate BB guns! Ok, I'm such a spoil sport, I know!

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Milla said...

I agree with you about hunting for fun: I just don't get it.
I feel the same about wearing fur (even fake fur): what's the point?