Friday, May 22, 2009

Clouds and Concerns

My computer is back - so happy!

I never tire of the beach, it looks different each and every day. If I were a millionaire, you could bet I would probably succumb to living on the beach - maybe - what would I do without the gardens and grass, although "H" detests taking care of them and only does it to please me. (Sometimes I wish he could find the joy and comfort of sinking his hands into the dirt that I do.)

Then, what would I do not being able to watch the crazy birds as they go about their daily lives in the yard? Yeh, watch the sharks, the Mantas, the dolphins - the gulls and the herons and the little crabs hustling from hole to hole (which in the 20 years since we've been here have gone from plentiful to a rare sighting).

Unfortunately, a modest little place on the beach is a thing of the far past. Now only the very wealthy can afford to live on the beach it seems, where once charming small to larger homes and "Mom and Pop" businesses gave "Old Florida" a comforting, funky feel. Now the atmosphere is one of high rise, fortified homes, and big business restaurants and beach shops.

I could not be happy for long, riding an elevator up a concrete building, to live in a small portion of the building, no matter how nice it was. The view would be nice - but no, not top much modernity (is that a word?) for me. I would prefer a cottage in a more wild, undeveloped piece of shore.

I am old enough to remember and long for the simple America I once knew - small farms in Iowa, funky beach towns in Florida and California, a country where grisly murders were a rarity, TV shows simpler and not an ever droning noise of crime, political analysis, and what the new hot bodies are doing for "fun." Less stress - more time to relate with people, less texting - more coffee at the kitchen table -

I sometimes think my generation is stuck in a time warp. Then I think of my grandma who traveled to Wyoming in a covered wagon and lived way beyond seeing a man walk on the moon and I realize life is a series of time warps that are coming at a faster and faster pace.

Anyway, relating to suburbia, perhaps one stays with what they know - I could never live in a city for long - with concrete everywhere - there are so many wonderful and interesting things in the city, and so many opportunities lost not living there - but long term, I must have my little plot of land, my suburbia.

For a long time, as a young woman, I lived in pretty bad poverty ridden rentals and sections of town as a single mom. I never want to go there again, and I dearly and daily give thanks my children and grandchildren have a good place in which to live.

I'm always aware that poverty is only a grind away - and but for the grace of God there go I. This leaves me daily thankful for adequate food, housing, transportation, and fluffy extras like makeup, pretty clothes (sometimes), earrings, books, art supplies - - - when I was younger I never dreamed I would have the gift of living how and where I am now, never mind the millionaire mansions I see everyday almost. Looking at the world now, I hope my descendants can have the same standard of living at least.

As our companions (or discards) animals live on the same different levels we do. I was looking at Big Mamma Kitty this morning thinking of her life in the humane society shelter - when I found her, her eyes were anguished and she had a horrible intestinal problem. Her fur was ratty - she was in feline poverty. Now she has organic cat food, a gorgeous yard, fluffy pillows which she prefers to lie on, filtered, alkaline ph water, a kitty brush, and a human to lie next to at night that takes care of her. She gets vitamins and when she's grouchy because her earlier life of stress left her body and emotions weak, and she doesn't feel good, I understand completely and let her be - snoozing on a pillow or stretched out in the sun in the study.

What is this life all about sometimes I wonder.....

I'm not depressed today - just puzzled - and wishing I could give everyone in the world food and clean water and a small house, hah, including animals. I guess even Brad Pitt could only build 100 in New Orleans - and I want to fix the world!!!! I admire my friend,
Candy Minx
, so much for taking action on social issues. I guess we can do what we can in our sphere of influence.

In the meantime, enjoy the clouds and don't let my on-line musings get you down! Just thinking too much I guess.


mister anchovy said...

Those are fabulous photos!

Biddie said...

Lovely photos...I am grateful everyday for the 'things' that I have. My stuff is old, and I live in a rented house that needs TLC, but I realize that things could be so much worse. My Jessica is healthy, and home with us. It wasn't all that long ago that we were visiting her in the hospital.
I have a whole library of books waiting to be read, and my dogs to keep me company while I read.
My meds must really be working, because I feel hopeful today...I think that you are a good influence on me :)

tshsmom said...

We have the same problem here. Rich out-of-towners have driven up the price of lake property to the point that locals can no longer afford it. :(

My biggest prayer this year has been "Give us this day our daily bread". All our family needs is food, clean water, a warm place to live, and LOVE, to be happy. I wish everyone could experience the peace that comes from simplifying our lives to this level!