Sunday, May 17, 2009


To begin, I have no photos of my own today though I have taken many recently - I accidentally chopped up another laptop cord - same as before, it got stuck in the recliner. This computer will not read a card.

I had tons of garden pictures - the white eggplants are growing nicely and I wish I had a dozen more plants...I guess I can buy more and stagger the plantings and insure a continuing supply throughout the summer as well. I've eaten the first fruits of the pepper plants and the tomatoes are doing marvelously well.

The grass is not doing so well - some of the sprinkler heads are mutilated - how????? Therefore, sections of the yard are "burning up" - it was so pretty when it was raining so much. There are weird holes all over the yard about a hand's length in size - we have no dogs - so - - what on earth? Earthworms that dig like dogs and eat sprinkler heads? I don't think so.

Neighborhood painting lessons are getting out of hand. I started wanting to give the kids some joy and a beginning hopefully of a love for art and the doing thereof, but in order for me to have joy, I need to get a handle on some regularly scheduled times and fees for supplies or have them bring their own. They show up empty handed, expecting paint, a surface, brushes, food, free run of my home, and lessons when THEY want them.

I have kids demanding I give them a lesson NOW, small ones wondering in the house uninvited, getting in my palette and smearing paint on my cabinets and demanding water and food, going to my grandson's bedroom digging out toys and videos. If this is going to become a stressful "job" that ruins my brushes and my home and peace of mind - I don't want to do it!

Perhaps I am not seeing clearly here - there may be a value in these little ones being part of another "household" other than their own - but balanced with knowing my own limitations. I am setting a certain time for hour-long lesson, letting the people who send their kids over here know those times and the list of supplies the kids need or supply fee, and if no one shows up, fine, if they show up at other hours, they will be sent home with a cookie.

Good time Nana is setting some limits! I have a feeling the preteens will not be too happy when they find some structure - painting a still life to learn values, etc...and will get bored and not come back anyway. Perhaps they will surprise me.

We'll see! Gosh, the sun is coming up - its now Sunday already. Grandson and I are going to church - "H" will bound out and leave us in the dust as he gets to the service he wants to go to - the boy and I will have breakfast, go pick up his cowboy boots and show up for the late service. His dad wants to spend the day - but I need to have structure on that too - school will be out soon and I don't want to lose control of my home, my time, and/or my sanity for the summer! I love that our neighborhood is getting involved together as families, sharing, etc., haven't had that for a long, long time! But I don't want to be a place to flop in free air conditioning nor a drop-in free babysitter....its different when all the kids are playing when grandson is here.


Wandering Coyote said...

Well, the way I see it, this is your house not a community drop-in centre. Looks like you'll have to have a talk with the parents in order to get this under control. I love the idea of you giving art lessons to kids, and I love the idea of the kids being part of a household other than their own, but yes, you need to have boundaries and you shouldn't be shelling out tons of money like a fairy god mother.

Milla said...

I agree with Coyote.
Alas I am pretty sure some parents will be offended by your 'structure' but hey, then they should look after their own kids, no?

As for the wholes in the grass: do you have moles in the area where you live? Or rabbits?

Gardenia said...

Ahhh - I wonder - maybe moles? We just filled all the holes this afternoon - we'll see if more appear. Thanks guys - there is still that little devil that sits on my shoulders sometimes telling me I'm selfish - I am on the right track with structure and boundaries, yes!

Candy Minx said...

Oh I don't wouldn't surprise me at all if some of the parents will actually appreciate your setting up times. I think you should charge a small amount of money for an hour art lesson. Set time, and a charge...after all you'll need to have some paints, paper and clean up. Maybe 5 bucks for an hour each kid?

Sounds great!

Gardenia said...

Well, the little peep's forays into my house and me finishing up in one room and finding them at my kitchen table playing in paints seems to be in the past and I haven't even made up the flyers for art lessons with structure yet.

Interesting to note that sometimes when structure enters in, it is the end of things -

but maybe not - I did enjoy the children - its just that eleven running around while trying to give an art lesson, or when super tired was too much - - - perhaps when the flyers are done, I'll just stack up a few and wait for little peeps who seem quite taken with the kitchen studio and send the flyers home with them....

Candy, great idea - thank you - this will divide the time well - can't have play sessions because this hour is set aside for art lessons - and vice versa - the kids will get more value in having a fresh "teacher" and I will get more value feeling like I'm doing a good job and not having to run around putting out fires...