Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My car is a what?

Yah, I live in Paradise, but right now if someone offered me a trip to Costa Rica, I wouldn't even look back. Much.

Just think - a condo high on the mountain side overlooking the Pacific - the sound of monkeys chattering overhead in the canopy, birds everywhere, clean delicious food, lilting Latin music and the salsa danced at 2 a.m., walking in a soft rain to the small market, climbing to be the only person swimming behind a waterfall.....Saturday markets like no one would even believe north of Costa Rica.... ahhhh

Meanwhile, back at the cottage 7 miles from the shore - I was delivering water tonight - and someone had loaded the jugs for me into my car. They threw them in and the lids popped off as the bottles crashed and crushed, and when I got out of a meeting and went back to the car, I was horrhhhified to discover a flood pool standing on the inside of my car.

After driving around looking for a car cleaning shop that was open at this late hour, I drove home and I cleaned it up best I could and called a couple of men unrelated to my bloodline and yelled for help as it is VERY humid here and I had visions of my pretty car turning into a harbinger of toxic red and black mold.

Ex-son-in-law showed up two hours later with a wet-vac. I had used all my towels to sop up the excess and was beginning to resign myself to sleeping in the car with the doors open - - - a beautiful breeze was blowing. But it looks like I can go to bed sometimes tonight. In the house.

Another two hours later, Ex-son-in-law is still working on the swimming pool a/k/a automobile, the culprit is staying out of my way (wisely) and I'm just wanting to go to bed. I have three newly released movies awaiting me - I'm going to pop a majorly big bowl of air-pop with a sprinkling of real butter - now that I've done my research on triggers for having an insane eating binge (like having the inside of one's vehicle flooded by someone treating water jugs like footballs) - ok, in all honesty, let's call it anger. Especially when I'm told its my fault because I turn corners too fast. Can anyone relate to this? So, hopefully looking for "fault" is done and damage control is number one.

So, not ice cream, not cake, but popcorn. Low cal. Except for butter - but hey......sounds so nice to snuggle and be mindless for a while with a small taste of real butter and ancient sea salt - yummy - - - hopefully I won't have a molded car tomorrow. I will throw ex-son-in-law a birthday party next week - - - heroes come in unlikely packages sometimes. Hoping to stay awake for the movies, I've been pretty tired lately.
Night all.


Wandering Coyote said...

Nothing wrong with popcorn and real butter! I used to have it for dinner when I was in university. Not every night, mind you, but when I was so bone tired and fried I couldn't think straight except to put the air popper on. Enjoy your movies!

Milla said...

Morning! How is your car today? Fairly dry?

I haven't had popcorn for AGES! Now I feel like having some and I will buy some on my way home. Yum yum!

P.S. Anger is good sometimes, and you were right to be angry.

punxxi said...

popcorn is my favorite dinner...and yes you get to be mad, it's good for you!

tweetey30 said...

Night Gardenia and sleep tight. I am just heading off here in a few minutes myself..

tshsmom said...

Your water disaster sounds just like something that would happen to me. What a mess!

Biddie said...

How sweet of your x sil to come to your rescue.
Have a nice relaxing movie night.

Candy Minx said...

What a mess. Good thing you had movies and a snack to distract and relax you. What movies did you watch? Any good ones?