Thursday, May 14, 2009


Ok, I have something irritating me, so I'm climbing on the soapbox this a.m. The past few weeks when I've turned on TV for some national news I have found nothing but program after program of people offering opinions about this or that. Where is a good ol' serial killer program anymore?

What IS IT with scrutinizing celebrities lives in order to criticise them? I'm surprised they aren't down to describing bowel movements and offering opinions on the color, shape, and lack of or too much.

The Coupe de grace was a paper thin, even more beautiful, Farah Faucett who was being interviewed on TV in regard to her hospital visits and treatments being made public information and such information being discussed on air. She is terminally ill with cancer it was reported. She said she fully realized that interest of the public came with being a star, but a line should be drawn at invasion of privacy, such as illegal prying into medical information.

Going beyond just plain ignorance on the part of supposedly smart people - I mean they are newscasters, interviewers, etc. - it took a few brains to get them where they are (I think). Here are some of the silly things I've observed:

Preoccupation with weight gain of women stars - singers, actresses
Why I don't care: I have enough trouble worrying about my own weight and its no one's business what I weigh anyway, if they don't like it, don't look.

Preoccupation with Obama's decisions.
Why I don't care: He's doing his job the best he can and I can't do a dang thing about what I don't like about it anyway and I'm too busy to watch every speech and read everything written about each decision he makes. And I don't have all the information that goes into making those decisions and I'm sure the news pundits don't either. Anyway, that's what I'm paying him for.

Preoccupation with critiquing on national TV.
Have you noticed that the large "news" stations have disintegrated into giving opinions on this and that rather than straight news reporting? Local news is much better.
Why I don't care: I am too busy to listen to opinionated blabber and I form my own opinions.

Preoccupation with who Brad Pitt is bomping.
Why I don't care: I'm not married to him.

Preoccupation with Edwards affair.
Why I don't care: Having enough problems with my own marriage to worry about his.

And the list goes on.


Wandering Coyote said...

I hear you, Gardenia. I don't get this celebrity-obsessed culture we live in. It's so superficial, fake, and it only reinforces unrealistic ideals to our young women and girls out there. There is a lot of important stuff going on in the world today, yet we are so focused on trivial crap that in reality has nothing to do with us and is none of our business.

Gardenia said...

Eloquently said, Coyote.

punxxi said...

It's all to distract you from the real crap that is going on in the world today! It's known as divertionary tactics... i don't watch the news, don't watch much t.v., it's all b.s. :o)

Milla said...

I haven't got a TV so I avoid this kind of thing on screen, but I do read online newspapers and a lot of the news is about singers's antics while on drugs, stars and starlettes putting on weight and so on and so forth. In the UK we also have the WAGs, see here for further info

Jeez, every day they seems to grip the nation with their latest trip to the shops. Bleargh.

Candy Minx said...

It seems to me that there are a lot of people obsessed with "moral outrage"...some people really like being offended. They get all offended and outraged...adnd I think news is reflecting it.

There are also tons of blogs like this...where someone writes about being offended it's like being offended is the new religion.

Apparently this is something white people like...from "Stuff White People Like"