Sunday, June 20, 2010

Trip to Beach to See for Myself

Looks pristine!

Sifting sand...........

Setting up for cleanup - four semi trucks parked on beach, airconditioned tent set up, and smaller sun covers lined the beach as the workers sifted sand with what looked like kitchen colanders. Shovels full of sand were dumped into the colanders, sifted, and checked for signs of oil invasion.
We were told this particular beach was clean. It was hot - the heat index well over 100 degrees F. My grandson will be working on the cleanup down in Gulf Shores in a plastic hazmat (hazardous materials) suit.
The newspaper today reported that the methane gas emitted from the leakage is very high and potentially dangerous. We are told we can eat fish from areas not banned, if "they aren't coated with oil." I don't think I'll be eating anything from the Gulf for a while. Maybe a long time.
Most of us along the coast are extremely stressed to say the least. The anger is subsided and the danger of hopelessness has set in. The President was here and met with the military and the County Commissioners - however, citizens and the press were banned from the meetings, according to the reports.
I'm trying to assess and see if I have enough energy to volunteer - feeling angry that I wouldn't get paid for British Petroleum's lack of concern for warning signs and resulting mess, yet feeling responsible to do something - none of us asked for it, but its here, so what do we do! Often its not what happens to us that matters in the long run, but what we do in regard to the consequences. I guess I can call and see what happens. It seems difficult sometimes to just get the housework done and meals on the table and take care of myself. Other times I'm on top of the world. The world needs steadiness, reliability, not maybe I can, maybe I can't.
Well, a beautiful sunset outside - like rainbows - it is reminding me that the world is still moving on in its cycles - perhaps with lots more struggle, like our own personal struggles, but we are still moving on.


tweetey30 said...

What is scary my friend is the hurricanes building out there sometime before all this gets cleaned up.. I dont even want to think what that could bring to my friends down south.. I hope they get this cleaned up soon..

Candy Minx said...

Oh its so hard to take...what a terrible thing...I can't bear to look...