Thursday, June 10, 2010

About Town

Downtown Market - Grandson and I like to go on Saturdays for fresh organic locally grown produce, to look at the art, and various craftsmen's creations.

Grandson's 13th birthday.

Hanging out with Romeo Guido. What a sweet pea, gentle, sweet - a good companion.
Soooo tired - daughter and I went on a trip to Huntsville, Alabama. It was a good trip but oh, my, so tired. Going to take a nap so I can cook supper!


punxxi said...

Oil spill sux, happy birthday to grandson, that dog is a go take a nap!

Milla said...

The picture of you with the dog on your shoulder is so funny :D
But isn't he heavy?

And then cake looks veeeery yummy...

Candy Minx said...