Friday, June 04, 2010

The Embrace

Today I realized something. I am afraid at times. Today I throw away the stories I have told myself about growing old. They are lies of fear.

The new possibility I invent starting today is that of embracing the rest of my life.

In celebration, I have hula hooped in the middle of Toys R Us.

Tonight I climbed to the top of the Jungle Gym at the park and took a picture of the sunset. I am 65 and I climbed that sucker! With ease. Carefully, of course.
Tonight I research for the next painting and go deep into the spirit world to seek what I need to know of a woman's history. Yesterday I made a marketing plan. I am focused and unafraid.
The evil blackness floating in our Gulf will be a flag to the world to stop being stupid and blind and to open the world's eyes to alternative means of energy that is renewable and clean.
New possibilities.


punxxi said...
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punxxi said...

Beautiful sunset and beautiful thoughts! I personally have never outgrown my childish streak...I always play with things wherever I go. That has gotten me into trouble more than once, but at least I never have had to say," I wanted to touch that stone at the Met in NYC but didn't." That is the difference between childhood and adulthood, you become afraid to do the wrong thing, it makes you stop exploring. Sorry, can't do that, I'm too nosy,uh I mean curious about the world around me, sounds like you're going back that way now. HAVE FUN!!

tweetey30 said...

Gardenia I love that sunset.. Beautiful.. Thanks for sharing..

Milla said...

ohhhh 'embracing the rest of my life' you wrote...
I should learn to do that!! Instead of always looking for troubles and then try to dodge them.

I am sure you looked WONDERFUL in the hula hoop :)